About Project

About Project

With the great honor, we are pleased to build go air app, this is an app that allows the users not only to book their flight tickets easily but also add the reminder for your tasks and its details as per your flights. This app makes everything easy for the user and Go air members.

Problem We solved

The client of this app had a very clear aim which was to create the biggest aviation app and they are looking for technology partners who can execute this vision. Key areas were the choice of the right technology, best practices of the user interface, and user experience, and ability to render performance-driven platforms through custom web and mobile app technology. With many similar concepts in the market, making something similar is always challenging; as customers would expect new features to choose us over the existing competitors.

Problem We solved

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Font Used

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UI Work

Problem We solved

Cleint Feedback

Go air app is different from many alike aviation apps but you must wonder what makes this flight booking app stand out, its features are making this app more unique from others. This application is also expanding its aviation services

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