About Project

The NamaaBox app is very useful app for those who are looking for an app that will mnage their installment logs and give them reminder to pay their installments. This app is making the users life easy and simple with its unique features.

About Project


The client of this app had a very clear aim which was to create the biggest finance app and they are looking for technology partners who can execute this vision. Key areas were the choice of the right technology, best practices of the user interface, and user experience, and ability to render performance-driven platforms through custom web and mobile app technology. With many similar concepts in the market, making something similar is always challenging; as customers would expect new features to choose us over the existing competitors.

Design Process

Design Process

Doing market research before designing or developing is always fruitful.


After the blueprint of the app get approved, our designing team started working on the wireframe so get the actual idea of the app.


It is a kind of blueprint of your app where we show you the rough designs of the main features of your app.

Visual Designs

After the designs get final, we will develop the visuals of the app


When the design work is done, developers come into the role and develop a fantastic and amazing solution for our clients.

Colors & Font Used


Open Sans

Open Sans

Open Sans

UI Work

Design Process

Cleint Feedback

NamaaBox app is different from many alike apps but you must wonder what makes this fun gaming app stand out, its features are making this app more unique from others. This application is also expanding its services.

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