Best iOS App Architecture Models You Should Choose


When it is finally decided to build an iOS app that pushes to make an intuitive app but the debate of the app development always stuck at the selecting the right and best programming language from the range of languages from Swift and objective C. the new generation of the developers are looking for an easy and convenient approach to develop an app. Therefore, they are come up with a new term called app architecture.

There are many iOS app architecture models are available but choosing the right one for your iOS app is quite challenging. Building an iOS app is not a piece of cake it requires many things like choosing the right development technology, device compatibility, many functionalities, etc. these new development methods will help in order to build an app that easily gains momentum in a small amount of time.

Therefore, we have decided to dedicate today’s article will be aiming at providing you insights into the iOS app architecture modules that will help you for devising the iOS app for different business verticals.

What is iOS app architecture?

The app architecture is a blueprint or map of many required elements that will define the framework of any mobile app solution of the organization that gives a platform to communicate with each other and conclude the business as well as user requirements. The main reason the developers spend their time diligently in building on iOS architecture by considering app architecture models to make sure that apps, they are operating on are scalable and reliable. There are some top models of iOS app architecture that are MVP, MVC, MVVM, and Viper that will brief in the article later. 

Best iOS App Architecture Models

Let’s have a look at some wide information about the architecture patterns iOS app developers use.

MVC (Model View Controller)

MVC model is one of the most recommended and preferred architecture models by iOS developers. The main motive of this model is it provides the pattern to build a user interface that easily separates the program logic into three elements 

Model – Responsible for data and data access layer

View – Responsible for graphic display of data.

Controller – it connects the model and view component

Benefits of using MVC

  • Fast development process.
  • Multiple views for a model.
  • High cohesion and groups especially model.
  • Easy to add a new type of view through MVC.

MVP (Model View Presenter)

MVP that is Model view presenter is the second iOS app architecture model used by the developers for app development. MVP is widely used for creating the user interfaces. It may sound very same to the model view controller it is quite different in actuality as MVP, it has a whole other focus. MVP involves best practices for iOS app architecture. The model of MVP is separated into 4 elements

Model – responsible for launching User interface elements.

View – responsible for the graphical display of data.

View Interface – bridges fulfill the gap between view and model.

Presenter – operates as an interval between the view and model layer.

Benefits of using MVP

  • It assists in analyzing the view and model profoundly.
  • It is easy to adopt by developers.
  • Test units can smoothly develop as compared to MVC.

MVVM (Model View-Viewmodel)

If you are also the one who is confused around the technical jargon to understand the architectural models for mobile app development, let us help you and explaining MVVM in simple words. The app developers prefer the MVVM architecture model for developing an iOS app because it renders the XAML platform with an essential model. There are 3 basic elements in MVVM

Model – this structure manages the whole data.

View – it is responsible for the presentation layer.

ViewModel – operates as a mediator between view and model.

Benefits of MVVM

  • It offers options to many iOS architecture models.
  • Takes the responsibility of exposing data objects.
  • It leads to ease of maintainability.

Viper (View, Interactor, Presenter, entity & router)

When you are a newbie in the world of app development, it is quite challenging at times for finding a suitable architectural solution for your app idea. Here VIPER is an app architecture model that comprises 5 elements to help in building a clean architectural model. The VIPER is the best in the industry and unbeatable. Here are the functions of VIPER architecture

View – especially for exchanging actions between the presenters and users.

Interactor – carries business logic.

Presenter – access data from the interactor and send it to the view.

Entity – carries basic model objects used by the interactor

Router – stores the navigation logic.

Benefits of VIPER

  • Make complex projects easy.
  • Diminish the number of merge conflicts.
  • Build clear and well-defined interfaces.

Final thought

So this is all about the top iOS app architecture models that you should aware of. We hope the information mentioned above will help you in some way and if you are still not able to decide which among would be suitable for your upcoming project, the appsinvo team is always there for you to help. 

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy 

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