Common UX Button Types & their Designs in 2021


Having a button on the digital solution is quite normal and essential, there are many people who do not notice then if they are implemented properly, buttons are an important element that is known to create a positive and productive user experience. User experience buttons are usually styled to entice the users and drive them in a particular direction.

With the right usage of buttons, you can link users to the other pages or finish tasks like a form submission or buying online. If you are thinking about improving your button design for making all these things simple for your users to click through, take a look at this guide to learn the most common kind of buttons and best practices of button design. This will help you to keep your users’ journey hassle-free and seamless on your website. 

What is a button?

Being an interactive and engaging element, a button permits getting the interactive feedback that is expected from the system. The button is a control that allows users to interact directly with the product and sends significant commands for fulfilling a specific task. Moder user experience buttons are famous due to their effective interaction with the physical objects and user-friendly. 

Common Types of UX buttons

Dropdown Button

When you click the dropdown button on the app or website, it shows s dropdown list of intuitive products. Sometimes you can easily see the same kind of setting button that is generally labeled as active by color.

Text Button

This type of button is text labels that happen outside of a text block. This button comprises a low level of stress and users will use them for less crucial actions. Since text buttons cannot distract from adjacent content because of having no container. 

Toggle button

The toggle button is known to allow the user to change the setting between 2 states. This type of button can be used as an on-off switch and you can use them to group and associate options but make sure to arrange your layout in a way to convey that specific toggle buttons are a part of the button group. 

CTA button

CTA means a call to action button is the another most used and engaging element of the user interface the main aim is to motivate users to take a specific action. This type of action presents a certain kind of conversation on the screen or page. This type of button is easy to grab the attention of the users and encourage them for taking the necessary action.

Raised button

The raised or contained buttons are usually in the rectangle shape and they lift from the screen surface using a drop shadow. This shadow shows that you can click or press the button. These buttons easily add a dimension to flat layouts and they special add features and functionality on a wide range.

Share button

We are living in the world of social media, we usually do chatting, emailing, and sharing on the platforms that make easy the process of connecting an app or website content to the social profiles of users. This kind of button allows the users to share the content on the social hubs. These buttons are exhibited with figures for making the connection transparent. This type of button promotes minimalism and effective utilization of negative space.

Final thoughts

Having buttons on the digital platform solutions and they are the best way of directing users into taking an action. So try to make your buttons more intuitive, useful, and flashy so your users can easily engage with your apps.

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy 

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