How Much Does it Cost for Developing Podcast App 

How Much Does it Cost for Developing Podcast App-byappsinvo.

You all are listening to the word “Podcast” and it is also high in demand and at this time you are planning to start with it, it is the right time to invest in it and I must say this blog is definitely for you. This blog will convey to you a whole idea about the podcast app, its types, steps to create the app, and the estimated cost of development. So without any further ado, let’s go through the app and get the details of the podcast app development.

What is a Podcast?

A podcast is a digital, verbal, and audio file based episode series that can be listened to live or saved to listen to it later by the users for further purposes. The reasons why people are showing interest in the podcast nowadays are – few want to explore the podcast trends, some have personal passion or hobby to listen, some are using it to boost the engagement and the list is getting long. 

Types of Podcast



This is the most popular type of podcast, storytelling is highly used by the people. This form of podcast is for any age group and highly preferred by the journalists, RJs to transfer their information and share experiences in the form of a story that everyone enjoys a lot. Here are a few instances of storytelling based podcasts

  • Radiolab
  • This American Life
  • Work in Progress
  • Startup


This kind of podcast has fixed hosts but different guests or speakers who can contribute in the podcast session. This kind of podcast can begin with a monologue sort of statement or commentary or maybe sarcasm. A few instances of the hybrid podcasts are – Slate’s the Gist and the Writer’s Voice.


This kind of podcast delivers the audio of panel interviews and discussions. This can be hosted by single or multiple people during the course of the show. This type of podcast renders several viewpoints to the listeners. It is quite a beneficial place for the political podcast. Here are some popular examples of podcasts are the Bean cast and the Political Gabfest. 

Repurposed Content

It is a quite popular idea for the podcast app idea. It only consists of interviews, seminars, workshops, etc that aids to enhance the listener/user experience. There are some most popular podcast on this idea are

  • The TED Radio Hour
  • Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell
  • The Math

Top Podcast Apps

iOS Podcast Apps Android Podcast Apps Cross-platform Podcast Apps
Overcast Podcast Republic RadioPublic
Castro 3 Google Podcast Pocket Casts
ListenApp Podcast Addict CastBox
Downcast Doggcatcher Podbean
iCatcher BeyondPad Laughable
Apple Podcasts Player FM Stitcher
Padcruncher AntennaPad Spotify
Castaway2 TuneIn Radio

Advantages of using Podcast

Substitute for Video: The podcast is a great way to deliver your content in the audio form. It is a great substitute for video content. There is no doubt that video is the most powerful medium to transfer your ideology but there are some people who are not comfortable with it and for the podcasts is the best platform to start with. 

User Base: as people from all over the world are showing their interest in the Podcasts, there is a high probability of gaining a great user base through the audio content. Through podcasts, people can relate to the content, audio in-depth, and if they like to subscribe to the series or audiobook to listen to it regularly. 

Healthy Relationship: although the podcast is a one-way call, it is very helpful in making great and healthy relationships with the listeners/users. Listeners might feel attached to your voice, concept, or story, and it means it can become the topmost benefit of the podcast. 

User Friendly: The podcast app is user friendly and easy to use in nature. The podcast is still easy and fascinating relatively to the other ways of interacting with the users. It does not indulge in a lot of steps. The podcast equipment can be bought under the estimated budget and easily available. 

Engagement: users are welcoming to take the information in audio form and more users are engaging. The internet is full of visual and written content but audio-based content is very less. Here is the chance to take the opportunity to start the audio-based content. The written and audio content together can make a great deal for the users and get more engagement. 

Speaking Skills: As podcasts is an audio form, it gives the hosts confidence speaking in public. This aids in developing a natural and easy-going flow while speaking. Along with the work of doing the podcasts, you can easily gain the chance to promote your business. 

Steps to Create a Podcast



It is very important to opt for the right topic for your podcast, you have seen the types of podcasts that help you to understand the types and select the topic for you. After selecting the topic, try to find out the purpose other than earning the money. That helps you to find your audience so you can understand them and deliver the right content as per the audience demand and always stick to your niche, if you want to join some other niche, add something unique and different that can hook the audience for a longer run. 

Purchase Value

This is the next and the essential step to creating a podcast is to know the purchase value. For starting a podcast, you need headphones, microphone, internet connection, computer or laptop, and web hosting. You can buy these pieces of equipment as per your budget but not buy cheap quality otherwise the result will not be worthy and appealing

Recording & Editing

The detailing of the podcasts depends upon the software and tools you can use somewhat the whole process is the same. You need the basic things by your side and these are

  • Test the microphone audio
  • Try recording along with the editing software matching the chosen microphone.
  • Once done with the recording, listen to it and eliminate the noise from the software. 
  • Delete which points had mistakes
  • Set the audio whatever is requires
  • Also, transform your recording as per the required file 


After submitting your app to the app store, it is the right time to share your podcast with everyone. But before that optimize the content and keywords because keywords are the source that boosts the number of searches and for that, you need to write relevant content. Before submission makes sure you add the right podcast title, publisher name, podcast description. After submission, take the feedback from the customer as assets because the feedback, rating, and review are the best ways to make your app viral. Also, let your users subscribe to the podcast easily so get the update and new episode information on time. 


Just developing and launching your app is not enough for you, it is important to promote your app before and after the launch. Every business opts several strategies for promoting their apps like ASO but here you need to understand the way to promote a podcast app to the audience. Here are few things you can do to promote your app are

  • Give a chance to the influencers to promote the app
  • Paid promotions
  • Connect with the well-known Podcast 
  • Promote app through sharing some glimpse of the podcast


This is the last but not the least point for developing your podcast app. When it comes to making revenue through your podcast apps, invest in something that helps you to generate great revenue. There are many ways to monetize your podcasts app by doing the things you loved. There are some ways to monetize the app

  • Books
  • Sponsorship
  • Affiliate Links
  • Subscription 

Estimated Cost for Podcast App Development

There are many factors and points that affect the cost of any app development. So here are some basic yet crucial points that define the cost of your Podcast app development

Features: In the podcast, there are many features that are essential to engage the audiences. The features can be saving the episode, search bar for new episodes by keywords, listen to live episodes and many more. Let your listeners or users use the app with ease and simplicity. 

MVP: MVP is an element that aids the developers and the owners to understand what the app functionalities or features are liked or disliked by the app users. On the basis of feedback make the required changes in your app. After deploying the app you can make changes in your app. 

Expertise: the expertise of the app development company and the developers both are very imperative. The cost of app development depends on the company and the developers you hire for your app development. An experienced developer may cost you more as compared to the less or novice developers but it will be worthy of your app. 

App Development Company: This is one of the important factors that can either make or break your podcast app. Selecting the right, reliable, and leading podcast app development company aids in creating your app the same as you desired and wanted it to be. Before finalizing the app development company for your podcast app, perform deep research about the company, their services and what will they give you after the app development like post-launch practices is very important after the app development.


These days, Podcasts are high in demand as more people are using it over the videos and it is the reason why not just businesses or startups but big organizations are showing interest in investing their money on podcast app development. The podcast is not only a great source for earning revenue but also a platform for those who have a passion for speaking over. 

A podcast is a great way not only to share your tales and stories but also to let the other scholars and guests share their thoughts via hosts. As podcasts are going to be a huge hit in the upcoming years, it is mandatory to know the estimated cost to develop a podcast app. If you have any doubt about this topic, feel free to ask us, we are always right behind you. 

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy 

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