How does Usability Help Your App & Website?


Did you know every day more than 100 websites are created in the world of the internet? But every website is unable to attain the success that branded and popular websites get. What makes those websites no to be perfect, I mean we all have invested countless hours, million dollars, and endeavors to make the website that looks great.

But have you ever thought about the person for whom you are building the app or website? Of course, you have done a lot of market research and competitor analysis but have you ever give your attention to the small things that are called usability? Because if you have not to pay attention to all small things, all your money, effort, and time have gone into vain.

At Appsinvo, we consider usability while designing and developing a mobile app or website. This practice of noticing the small things about the website and app has some prominent effects on the mobile app development procedure. At the time of usability is the one that defines the difference between the success and failure of the websites and mobile apps. 

Therefore to describe the significance of the usability of the app and website and how you can improve it.

What is Usability

The fundamental meaning of usability is to provide ease to the users which allows them to use the app or website. There is no doubt that usability is a subdiscipline of the User experience but when we go into more details we can easily see that usability is different from UX. 

Basically, the usability of an app or a website should be such that the user becomes familiar with the app or website in its first contact. When the user feels at home right after the first visit to the app and website, there will be no doubt that the interface should encourage the user to visit again.

How to Improve Usability?

Match with the users’ expectations

We humans generally do not like changes it is the irrational part of being a human. So when a user starts using a new product, they start experiencing a certain type of discomfort. Here is our aim to lessen this discomfort by providing a similar form of product and functions with something they already are aware of it. 

For this, the best way is to follow all the trendy and widely accepted design conventions. As a well-known and designated mobile app designing company we know how significant is to build an intuitive app design.

Speed up Website or Mobile App

In a fast-paced world, patience is something that is rare to find and it is something like unicorns and dinosaurs in the digital world. Fast 4G internet services spoiled the users for speed and they will lose patience when they stuck in something important. 

Therefore, if your website is one that takes more than 5 secs to load, this is the reason that makes your users dump your website. Therefore keep the loading speed of your website or app optimum to keep its usability high. 

Write understandable content

Usually, users do not like to read a lot of words, as the quantity of the text increases, the reliability of the content declining. For accelerating the reliability of your content, there are some techniques you can apply

  • Use alluring headlines
  • Write small paragraphs
  • Highlight the important points of the topic
  • Use the power of lists

If the content is easy to understand, the comprehension and the reading speed of the user will improve. Good reading speed and knowledge make sure that the reader will continue reading the page instead of leaving it in a midway. 

Diminish The Cognitive Load

By maintaining a consistent UI, users are enabled to learn easily as they would be able to reapply their previous experiences. There are some points that keep things consistent across all the pages

  • Typography
  • Color
  • Button shape and size

In fact, changing the icons would confuse the users as it would be required to learn about the new one which might be of a different style and pattern. While designing the user interaction make sure that to use the main functionalities and features that decide your app. By breading the complex tasks into more manageable ones. We efficiently depreciate the cognitive load on the user’s mind. 

Wrap Up

User experience and usability is the one that defines the greatness of your product, therefore it plays a critical role in its success. It does not matter how many features your app or website as if the usability is no up to the mark. Today we have discussed some points above that help you to head start into the app or web designing a highly fruitful product with great user experience. 

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy

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