Details Of The Features Required In The Language Learning Apps

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Learning a new language becomes an aim nowadays. The craze of learning a new or foreign language while staying at home is growing continuously as various people want to learn new things and languages every day. Some people always try to find new and effective ways of learning new languages while other persons try to find the absolute solution especially by building educative web and mobile platforms. 

We all know that it is not that easy to learn a completely new language as the process and tiresome and time-consuming and due to this many people give up on it. Here is good news for them is that the rise of easy-to-use language learning apps is making the process easy and seamless. With the help of these apps, it becomes easy for users to learn new languages.

Whether you need to learn Spanish, french, german, English, Tamil, Kannada, or Hindi for personal cause or business purposes, by using the language learning app they can easily learn it. These apps have a good source of income and Duolingo is the perfect example of it. Let’s take a look at the top required features in language learning mobile apps like Duolingo

Features Required In The Language Learning Apps


You need to maintain the authorization system to develop a language learning app. In this users need to answer some quotations like email, gender, age, language want to learn and it is done. To ease the entire process of registration you can also add the authorizing utilization of social accounts. 

User Profile

For using the language learning app, users have to create an account and fill out their profiles with data. An app like Duolingo can ask for the following information

  • About the user’s identity like name, email ID, photo, age, gender.
  • Choose your studying language
  • Set up daily targets.

Learn Screen

It is a kind of dashboard that allows the users to get the achievements and incorporate tools for the learning procedure itself. Apps like Duolingo offer many types of lessons. You can add these lessons to make your language learning app exciting and interesting:

  • Select the image
  • Prompts
  • Record and translate
  • Select the pair of languages
  • Translate the audio phrase

From learning screen also enables users to check their achievements like gems, users’ progress, crowns.

Profile & Setting

The personal profile of a user basically consists of data regarding the users and allows them to check their performance in the learning process. The profile can be customized as the user wants any alters into it whether regarding data or setting. 

Online Community

The fundamental part of the language learning app is to offer a platform where users can intercommunicate easily and openly with the other users like a forum to exchange their opinions and lesson topics on various topics to enhance their skills.


This feature of the language learning app offers gems and users can gather amid the language training into the actual purchase and it is somehow related to the usage of the app. If you are also planning to build an app like Duolingo, must try this feature into your app.

Live Streaming

With the help of this feature, the educator easily conducts live streaming and teach the users and interact with the users that give them real experience and boost their confidence level. It will make the self-study procedure more exciting and interesting. 


Having a great illustration of your app can make everything visually good. Therefore adding a good illustration to the app interface is significant instead of making the interface look amazing, it also acts as an essential element of the user’s learning process. 

Wrap up

So if you reach here, you must have gone through all the essential or required features for the language learning app that make your app different from others. The above-mentioned features will definitely make your app great and ensure the visual appearance of the app. Apart from all these if you have any doubt feel free to ask us, we are always here to help you.

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy

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