Most Used Apps in Coronavirus Lockdown


Do you know which mobile apps are experiencing the boost in their downloads? Today we know what kind of apps people are using in coronavirus lockdown.

In order to fight with the epidemic coronavirus, worldwide are using the place, state or nation lockdown strategy that helps us to take strict action to fight against coronavirus.

Till 14 April, lockdown in India was only for 21 days but today our honorable Prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi has extended this lockdown till 03 May after seeing the rise in the corona infected patient graph.

As a respected citizen of India, it is our responsibility to make this lockdown successful. But while discharging our responsibility we are not forgetting to give some time to us and it results in some apps there is an amazing rise in downloads and users due to this lockdown.

Let’s take a look at the most used types of apps in coronavirus lockdown.

Entertainment Apps

Those who are not doing work from home, have time to complete their favorite movies, web series and the latest news about the world. This lockdown period is the best time for binge-watching and some new content also. The usage of apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, HBO, and others also increase the downloads.

Social Media Apps

In this period, people have free time for those who have no work from home and they have the best time to utilize this to connect with your old friends and relative. 

Due to the busy lifestyles, many of us were not able to connect with their families and friends but this lockdown gives them a chance to connect with them using Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, to stay connected with their relatives and loved ones. This rise the downloads and the users of the social media apps.

Grocery Delivery Apps

In this lockdown, everyone has the need for essential and daily things like species, frying oil, flour, sanitary pads, and many other things that are our daily requirement and due to lack of things in the nearest store, people are preferring to order these essential to buy online and for that, they are using the grocery apps like a big basket, big bazaar, Grofers, etc.

Video Chatting Apps

Due to this coronavirus lockdown, many companies are preferring Work from home to keep their business afloat. But there is some hurdle we are experiencing in communication in comparison to the normal working days. For filling the gap in the communication companies are using video chatting apps like Skype, Zoom, etc to perform their meeting smoothly with the clients or employees.

Due to lockdown, there is an amazing rise in the downloads, users and daily meetings

Zoom Jan 2020 March 2020
Users Stats 10.7 million 12.7 million
Daily meetings 10 million 200 million+
Downloads 56,000 2.13 million


Fitness Apps

There is always a fitness freak in every house who loves to live a healthy and fit life. But due to coronavirus lockdown, gyms have been closed since 22 March. So fitness freaks are preferring to use the fitness apps that guide them in the right manner without going to the gym. And due to this, people are using a fitness app that boosts their demand and downloads also.


So, these are the apps that are mostly used by the people in this coronavirus lockdown period. If you know any other point, please tell us in the comment section below. 

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy

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