Essential Points for Every Call-to-Action Button

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CTA or Call-to-Action buttons are a common element on any landing page or an app. These buttons are also found in online stores where every product has its button to start the purchase process. Due to how common they are in a large number of websites, it is usually the thing that they do not matter. 

However, since they serve to indicate the action to be performed to the user, they are a very useful element on any web page. Since CTA buttons are mandatory on every page you need to learn how to design them properly. In this article, you will discover how small points can aid to make up the call-to-action buttons. 

Points for Every Call-to-Action Button

The shape

The shape of the CTA buttons can depend on the visual identity of your brand. It is normal to see fully rectangular buttons but in certain cases, we can find buttons with slightly rounded edges on the other places, the border is rounded.

The shape of the buttons will be the combination between an eclipse and a rectangle. The form you decide to apply the CTA action button totally depends on the personality brand and other visual elements.

The color

Color is an element of any design that helps reinforce the communication tone. Depending on the culture, every color has a certain associated meaning and people cannot ignore relating colors to emotions or feelings. So it is essential to imagine the color of the CTA button.

This rule also applies to the CTA buttons and change the color of your button can increase your conversion rate. There is no ideal color for the CTA buttons. It may be of different colors because the decision depends on other factors like brand identity, typography color, background, etc. 

Action Phrase

The button will not be called a CTA button until it has some action phrase that the user wants to perform. Although the communication tone must be taken into account and the personality of the brand is transmitted to the users at the editorial level. It is also imperative to consider that specific action should be indicated.

Despite placing a general sentence such as ‘Click Here’ ask yourself what is the final action that the user will perform when clicking on the button. There are many reasons why app developers place a CTA button in the app. 


Only the phase you use for the CTA buttons is not enough, the font you will use for that phase is also important. Typography like colors aids to reinforce the message that you want to convey. There are some neutral fonts that adapt your design, there are some others that have their own personality that you should analyze if they relate to your website or not.

Since the CTA button has limited space, the recommendation is to use simple or neutral fonts that do not have details. In this way, the phrases can be displayed in the correct way and in smaller sizes. 


This is another factor for the CTA buttons, the position of the CTA button matters. In the previous points, the basic aim of these buttons is to entice attention and urge the users to click the button.

In these, you have to aim the visitors to perform the action indicated on the button. As the CTA  button is a central element of the design, you must consider the ideal position for this button. 


If you designed the CTA button in the correct way, it can improve the conversion rate of your websites. In fact, on pages like online newspapers, there is also a call-to-action button to subscribe to the newsletter. All the elements that make up the button have the power to impact users and their decision to perform the indicated action. So you should carefully consider how to design these buttons.

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