Similarities & Differences Between Agile and DevOps

Similarities & Differences Between Agile and DevOps-byappsinvo

In the previous blog, we have discussed the basics of Agile and DevOps, in case you are not aware of it, please go through the blog and give it a read  Everything has its plus and minus points. In this blog, we will discuss the similarities and differences between the Agile and DevOps. The basic similarity between Agile and DevOps is, they both are the software development methodologies. 

We all are aware of the agile methodology but DevOps is a newcomer in this game. Both the methodologies are considered as the fastest software development that aids the team members to follow up the basic principles without any glitches for the users. Let’s see the similarities and differences between the Agile and DevOps, 

Similarities between Agile and DevOps

Productivity of Business

Both Agile and DevOps are distinct in the process and follow a unique approach. These methodologies have a common goal and that is to improve and boost the productivity of the business. Both methodologies follow a trustworthy approach and operate in a connected way. Agile works intensely with DevOps on the other hand, DevOps work better with Agile. 

Collaboration Procedure

This is another aspect of both methodologies that make them similar in the collaborative procedure. While developing the software, it is become crucial to stay connected with the other team members. For example, designers need to stay connected with the developers when needed. DevOps and agile operations are continuous delivery and make the collab with the other to make the process of data and tools sharing process easy and convenient. 

Lean Philosophy

As we already mentioned above, DevOps and Agile both have the lean philosophy. This similarity of both makes it easy for the team to work as a team and maintain healthy communication with the team members. 

Difference Between Agile and DevOps


Agile methodologies focus on the coalition in the project with the different forms of framework like Kanban, Safe, and scrum. While DevOps is different, it focuses on the collaboration of the project with the team without any major frameworks using tools like Jenkins, Ansible, puppet, Git, and so on. 


The working and planning of both methodologies are different for the better result. The agile methodology mainly includes the development of the new software at a specific duration. The developers need to concentrate on the functionalities while updating and developing the mobile app. At the same time, the launch is for the DevOps to focus on covering the maximum business operations with the start of the update. 


Both methodologies aim the different areas and give their best performance. The agile method is enough to manage complicated projects easily with its frequentative approach and focus on collaboration, feedbacks, rapid and small releases. Meanwhile, DevOps methodology aims at the consistent delivery and work on a different context. It also helps in keeping the team together to manage the operation and the development of the software easily. 

Skills & Areas

For the agile methodology, the development team must have specific skills that aim at the T-shaped skillset. And in these skills, the team must have in-depth knowledge of the area. On the other hand, the DevOps methodology required skills that are counted for the development and operation team. When it comes to the area, the agile methodology targets the development area of the software, whereas the DevOps methodology is all about fast delivery for end-to-end businesses. 


When it comes to Agile methodology, the customers give their valuable feedback, and as per the feedbacks testing team, make changes and fix bugs from the app. On the other hand, the DevOps methodology works on internal feedbacks. The consistent testing team makes the regular check on the app in the DevOps methodology and make sure that the issue and fixed and bug-free. 


With all these insights in mind, it is clear to see that both Agile and DevOps brinks the end-user value in a more efficient way. You will get a deep and thorough understanding of similarities and differences between the Agile and DevOps and how are they different from each other. This is it for this article if you have any queries regarding this you can feel free to ask us. The Appsinvo team is always there for you. 

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy 

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