Steps to Develop Your Own Event App

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We all love to attend an event but finding the event details like its timing venue is quite difficult. So here is the first thought that comes in your mind to access the information about the event from the smartphone. Yes, it is the best way to access the information and it can be easily done by the app solution. Having an app for the event companies will make everything easy and simple in many ways. This kind of apps helps the attendees to easily find the information in one place. 

To make sure that the event takes place without any obstacle involved and organized should take care of every detail arrangement and necessary agenda. There are many apps around the users but they are not able to provide accurate information that attendees are looking for. Therefore you need an event app that brings the right taste within the app, so it can bring the right information on the table. 

Through this article, we are trying to accumulate that what are the steps and every bit of information that is required to develop an app for conferences and events. So read to help your business to occupy a new business niche. 

Steps to Develop Your Own Event App

User Registration

It is a very basic feature for the event apps but you need to take extra precaution here because not having an easy sign-in process and sign in every time could make your user base frustrated. So try to make the users’ registration process easy and simple, you can also integrate social media platforms logins that help users to easily register through social media. 

Profiles customization

It is one of the most important and basic features that should be in your event app so you let your users add some extra personal information like name, location, interests, and many more. 

Search bar & filters

Mobile apps provide convenience and comfort to users through every part of the app. Here you need to make sure to give comfort to your users by providing them the search bar and filters. Through this, it becomes easier for users to find their favorite events easily and grab the information without wasting much time. These features will save the time of the users from scrolling the long event lists. 

Event feed

This feature allows users to navigate through lots of information about several events. This feature helps in suggesting and organizing the event based on the users’ interests. This will help in trigging the rank and provide the personalized event information to your users.

Geolocation & maps

With this feature, users can easily find the event in their area. You need to remember that the maps and geolocation are an essential feature for the event app. Geolocation can be used to provide the information near the location of your users.


Within the event app, every user books the seat of the events and purchase the tickers and this is where they do not want to move out, but they can simply make the payment through the app platform. You must integrate the third-party payment options like PayPal, brain tree to help the users for payments

Event scheduling

The event scheduling feature is another imperative factor in the event app as it can help the users to add their event in one place. Here,  The customization can really help in adding the way schedule as per their convenience. 

Cancel & Refund

It is the obvious part of any event app it is normal to raise the refund and cancellation issues within any event. It is mandatory that your app must offer an engaging and seamless order managing tool to let the users get a crystal clear view of their ticket purchase and have the change to cancel the ticket and refunds easily. The other thing that is important is to provide the right information to your users for any cancellation and refund. 

Wrap up

There are many shades in the event planning app, all you need to do add some spark within the app through your features and functionality that easily bring the successes to it. To develop something exceptional and unique for your event app get in touch with the highly experienced and skilled mobile app developers at Appsinvo. 

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy

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