Things You Should Know About Mobile App Maintenance

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The app development industry is growing exponentially and so as the demand for a high-quality mobile app development company. Meanwhile the development of the mobile app, app developers always try to make a balance between the project ideas and its constraints.

But before jumping directly to app development, it is necessary for you to understand a few essential things about app maintenance. This is the aspect in which most of the business failed because of not having proper and required information about it.

There are numerous ways in which bugs come into your app for instance the release of the new OS, changes in the design of the app, release of a new device, etc send the invitation to the bugs. To make sure the app does not lose its user base due to the bugs in an app, app maintenance is essential.

In this article, we are going to see the types of app maintenance and the advantages that bring by maintaining your app.

Types of App Maintenance

There are a few basic types of app maintenance that every app owners should be aware of

Corrective Maintenance

While hiring mobile app developers make sure that the company provides corrective maintenance. This type of maintenance is done to remove any little errors that remain in the app while the app development process. Usually, a good app development company will always render you 1 to 3 months of corrective maintenance support.

Adaptive Maintenance

This type of maintenance is done so the app gets good adaptability towards the ever-changing app store rules and guidelines and many other external parameters. The objective of adaptive maintenance is to make sure that the app consistently works seamlessly in an ever-changing and upgrading environment.

Emergency Maintenance

There are many times when the need for emergency app maintenance arises. For the maintenance of the app, the developers’ team should be ready and competent enough to resolve the issue. So before hiring the app development team, ask them regarding their emergency maintenance services.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is done to make sure that everything works smoothly in the app. It is an important aspect of app development and can not be avoided. Discuss this with your app development company to render you their preventive maintenance policy to make sure everything goes better.

Advantages of having a Maintenance plan for app

Avoid Revenue Losses

Many big brands like blackberry, amazon, bank of America, and even Flipkart have confronted downtimes in their websites and app as well. This downtime can cause some serious long-term damage to the reputation of an app apart from causing the short term damage of revenue loss during the downtime. This is where the team of the app developers take the responsibility for handling the situations and maintain the app functioning.

Optimize new hardware

At regular intervals in the world of smartphones, new hardware and processing chips are keep launching. These small changes in the hardware have the potential to alter the app’s functioning. These changes in the app bring can add new capabilities to the app. By investing your time and effort in the maintenance of the app, developers should make sure that the app is always compatible with these hardware changes.

Integrating emerging technologies

The world of mobile app development is consistently evolving and new technologies are replacing the old ones at a full speed. Technologies like IoT, VR, AR, and blockchain are improving the limits of smartphones. If the business does not avail of the maintenance plan and fails to update the app as per the changing requirements, there will be high chances that the app will lose its place from the user’s smartphone.

Minimize uninstalls

The real battle of an app starts when the users download the app and start using it. If the app fails to live upon its standards and its own promises, the user won’t waste a single second to uninstall the app. To reduce the number of uninstalls of your app, monitor the app maintenance from time to time as per the trends and technologies.

Final Words

Mobile app maintenance is one of the most important aspects of mobile app development but it is often neglected in the quest of building a perfect app. Many times businesses forget that the users want an app that functions as intended. These are the advantages that make your app more robust and not to fail even having a good response after the app launch.

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy

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