Tips to Create Minimalistic UI Design for Mobile App


There were days when adding too many colors, elements into your mobile apps was a trend and it did not bother the users but with time, the choices and preferences of the users have changed. Nowadays, users started to tend towards minimal designs, elements, and colors and hoped to connect with the limited things while enjoying the benefits of the same level of services. 

This change in the demand for the app designs has made it vital for mobile app designers to instill the idea of minimal designs and develop engaging and visually appealing designs with minimum elements and colors. Therefore we have to bring this article that gives you tips on how to create a minimalistic UI design for mobile apps. 

What is Minimalism

Minimalism is a kind of app design as its name already says, this is a process that operates on the ‘Less is more’ principle. In this designers try to add as low as possible elements, colors in the app UI design. Here the lead elements are included in your app design so it forms the most appealing form of the app. The concept and idea have gained huge popularity in the mobile app UI/UX designing domain because of its visually appealing benefits.

Tips to Create Minimalistic UI Design for Mobile App

Separate by Space and Elements

It is normal to use lines and dividers to separate specific sections and categories within a screen. But adding too many lines can be a drawback for your app designing, and as a result, it can be a crowded interface. So to avoid this, try to use a few lines and dividers in your screen will give a functional, cleaner, and modern feel to the screen. There are many other ways to separate the content and design by using colors, blocks, and spacing. 

Simple Color Scheme

Opting for a simple color scheme can always enhance the user experience of the app. Using too many colors can create a negative impact on users. You can create new color schemes easier by taking a look at the predefined color scheme standards. There are two types of color scheme

Monochromatic Schemes: this scheme is comprised of different shades, tones, and tints within a particular hue.

Analogous Schemes: this type of scheme is created by using the three different colors that are positioned nearby each other in the color wheel.

One Typeface

When you are selecting a font for your app, keep one thing in mind that it is always good to depend on the default typeface to the platform. Using multiple typefaces have a negative impact on the app designing and leave your users unsatisfied with your visuals.

Blur Effect

This is the ideal solution to develop minimalistic UI because the Blur effect enables you to work swiftly with layers and keep the hierarchy of the user interface. It is always efficient to work with layered UI and also shows the mobile apps solutions flow to the users. It paves the chance for the users to explore different overlay solutions and menu. 

Data Spotlight

Spotlight always seeks your attention the same thing applies to the app screen using striking color and big fonts if you want to make particular data the center of your users’ attention. For this, you can use contrast colors for CTAs. this will help in channeling the users’ attention to the action. If you want to grab the users’ attention to a particular area of the screen without additional visual clues, increase the font size, and use an accent color. This makes the information achieving method simple & smooth for the user. 

Wrap Up

Minimalist interface and other designs techniques give you a path to achieve a great UI for your app in a minimalist way. But always remember that developing a minimalist design for the app should not be your goal. Also, clear visuals, smooth workflow, and a great design is the perfect blend to develop a seamless experience for the users. After reading this article, we hope you find it informative and will help you in future your app designing. 

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy

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