Top Open-source DevOps Tools to go for in 2021

Top Open-source DevOps Tools to go for in 2021-byappsinvo

DevOps is a theory, a knowledge, and a set of practices adopted by product teams to shorten the software development cycle that will enhance visibility and collaboration. It will help to accelerate the time to market for new updates while making sure high-quality releases. 

DevOps is not just an applied science but rather a set of open-source DevOps tools that facilitate seamless collaboration between the designers, operators, and others in the team. Not only does it promote faster project delivery but also restricts the friction among team members. 

However, despite the consistent selection in the company in many enterprises and of various scales, numerous are still not familiarized with the actual meaning of DevOps tools. 

This article will go over the top open-source DevOps tools and their features. The significance of performing DevOps in your company and the best way to go about it. 

Top Open-source DevOps Tools



It is an open-source automation server that eases the software development processes for seamless delivery and integration.

Features & benefits

  • Easy configuration
  • It supports 100+ plugins
  • Super extensible
  • Easy distribution to fasten the building, testing, and deployment.


This open-source tool is used to handling and informing a solution that registers metrics in real-time in a time series database. 

Features & benefits

  • Offers cross-platform compatibility
  • Autonomous server nodes
  • It is easy to implement client libraries
  • Multiple modes of data visualization
  • Time series collection

ELK Stack

It is a powerful blend of three open-source modern tools like logstash, kibana, and elasticsearch. 

Features & benefits

  • Search server
  • Various hosting options
  • Centralized logging capabilities
  • Real-time data analysis & visualization


This tool is written in python, ruby, Powershell, and shell. It is an open-source configuration management application tool that will enable infrastructure as code.

Features & benefits

  • Cloud provisioning
  • Security & compliance
  • Easy scalability & faster productivity
  • Runs on macOS, Linux, Windows, and Unix systems
  • Integrates seamlessly with other tools


It helps to builds and destroys the codes easily and faster through the containers.

Features & benefits

  • Offers cross-platform compatibility
  • Autonomous server nodes
  • Easy-to-implement client libraries
  • Various modes of data visualization
  • PromQL & time-series collection


It is open-source that is a solution to manage configuration to streamline the server and maintenance

Features & benefits

  • High server availability
  • Supports many platforms
  • Speed, scalability, and consistency
  • Operates in client and server mode or as a configuration tool


It is an open-source platform that facilitating automated deployment, management, and scaling the operations.

Features & benefits

  • Self-healing capabilities
  • Operates anywhere
  • Balance load and self-discovery
  • Various storage options
  • Flexible & super automated

Final thought

The above-mentioned DevOps tools are just the tip of the iceberg. If we have been finally successful in this article after triggering your interest in the DevOps tools and you are planning to welcome one into your business, a top mobile app development company in India will help you. The team of DevOps at appsinvo will select the best in keeping your company goals in mind. 

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy 

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