Ways to Make Coronavirus Lockdown More Efficient


    I’ll not say weeks but a few days before our days were incredibly busy and hectic, in fact, we don’t have a spare of second to think, solitude or a few spare hours.

    Due to the corona pandemic, right now,  our country has a 21-days nation lockdown. Marriages, events, vacation trips, even offices had to provide work from home to their employees, on the other hand, many offices suggested their employees stay at home.

    At this circumstance of lockdown, you can’t roam outside the house…. Wait!!!🤨 What!!!!! 😲😲You don’t know much about the lockdown. 🙄

    No need to bother, check our previous blog, it has a brief detail of lockdown.

    Okay, now come to the main point, in the situation of 21-days lockdown which things you can do that will help you and your family in many ways.

    Let’s take a look 

    Start With Cleaning

    We all do standard cleaning every week when we used to go office. In this lockdown, you can do deep cleaning of your house. 

    It will make you feel like you have accomplished something and leave you more at ease in your home.

    Find a Bookworm from inner you

    Since we all get the smartphones in our hands, we all forget the value of the books. Many of us don’t even know since when we have been read a book.

    It is the right time to finish your favorite one either it is motivational, fictional, non-fictional, devotional or any other.

    Find your inner bookworm while sitting on your comfy chair with a cup of tea/coffee and lost in the world of the book.

    Be a Social Butterfly- on Phone

    There are many people in our life, those we need to call back. Your old office or college colleague is you really need to call them back. And this is a good time to call them and find out how your friends and family are doing.

    Give a makeover to your House

    Are you tired of seeing the same arrangement in your house? Take advantage of the lockdown to change the look of your room or the house by moving the tables, chairs, sofas, change the curtains (if you have a second pair), etc and give a makeover to your house or room.

    Work on yourself

    Have to remember when you gave time to yourself? During this lockdown, we eat a lot while staying at home. You can work on yourself by doing some meditation, yoga, exercise at home that makes you physically and mentally fit.

    Connect with memories

    If you are at your home not stuck in pg/hostel like me, connect with your childhood memory by going through our old photo albums, arrange them year wise and enjoy the unbidden joy of the old memories.

    Be creative

    Every person has some hobbies but due to family responsibilities and duties, we suppress our hobbies. Due to this lockdown, you can relive your hobbies like painting, playing guitar, gardening, karaoke, binge-watching, classic movies, etc.

    Skill up or Re-skill Yourself

    Skill is a quality that never goes in vain. It’ll definitely help you in your life. You can skill yourself either for your work purpose or other activities.

    Skill up yourself in this lockdown and make yourself more worthy and add more skills in your CV.

    Quit a bad habit

    As per the psychiatrist, if a person wants to quit a bad habit 21-day method is the perfect 21-day cycle to quit or hold a good or bad habit.

    In this lockdown, take a pledge to quit a bad habit either it is smoking, drinking, gambling or anything else.

    To-do List for life post-Lockdown

    It is very important to make a to-do list for the post-lockdown days. It is the best time to decide your priority and make a to-do list as per your work and requirement. 

    To make your life more easy and manageable for the post-lockdown days it is essential to make a to-do list.


    You can utilize these 21 days for yourself in a different way than your usual days and fill your soul and life with joy. 

    If you have any other way to make your these 21 days of lockdown efficient, comment down below.

    Till then stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands and live your life fully.

    For more updates, stay connected and keep reading.



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