Ways to Promote Your Mobile App For Free


The mobile app business is developing consistently with nearly 204 billion mobile applications are downloaded. The conflict for the user’s attention is powerful. If you want to reach notice, you must not only build an amazing output but also devise effective app marketing tactics.

The advancement of a mobile app is a crucial element to keep in memory after the deploy and it is not even expensive. Even if do not have many sources to improve your app. Appsinvo, a top mobile app development company in USA, is here to support you find ways to promote your mobile app without any cost. 

Nevertheless, free does not indicate that no work will be needed on your part rather the opposite but you will not be obligated to pay for publicity. Here are the top ideas that you might want to investigate while improving your mobile app in the marketplace. 

Ways to Promote Your Mobile App

Mobile App Optimization For App Stores  

The majority of app hunts are carried on google play or the apple store. As a result, app store SEO is critical to assuring that your app is easily discoverable. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you optimize your mobile app. You must pick a suitable name, write an enticing description including appropriate keywords, relative screenshots, and videos of the mobile apps. 

Landing Page Creation  

Building a landing page is a fabulous idea for the sense of mobile applications. It will permit you to describe the benefits of your software, answer any queries your targets customers may have, and provide recommendations that will advance your security in a better way. Growing a landing page can also support search engines to find your apps, which may be a wonderful source of administrations.

Request Customers For Reviews

You must inquire that your users give you feedback on Google Play or the App Store. Positive reviews impact purchase decisions and have an important impact on app store systems, they expand your confidence and belief in search results. Further review sites to hunt are G2Crowd, Capterra, and Serchen and you must remember to reply to each review.

Novel content creation 

Build content for your mobile app you may post it to your blog. If you don’t have one, Medium will serve. Generating content is an outstanding way to enhance business to your website while also building brand identification and assurance. 

Make Guest Posts

Get higher specialist blogs in your domain and try to have an object posted on one of them. You will not only be available to submit your expertise, but you will also get a few backlinks. The more hyperlinks you have, the higher your Google ranking. This should assist you to produce leads in the long route.

Join social media groups

There are many groups on LinkedIn and Facebook where you may post information and therefore promote your mobile app without any cost. Keep in memory that it is not perpetually permitted to distribute promotional information within groups, so stick to informative stuff. 


Building an exceptional mobile app does not ensure success you must also give time and effort to exchanging it. Fortunately, it does not have to consume your making funds, since there are several free app promotion techniques available. One of the most useful in optimizing your software for app stores, as the bulk of customers look for apps on Google Play and the app store. 

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy 

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