Which is Better: Custom App Development Vs Low Code Development


Many mobile app development companies offer technological advancements tolls and ways to develop innovative mobile app solutions. With the help of mobile apps, businesses can offer their services and products to their clients efficiently. Therefore, it is essential to select the right technology, tool, and framework while developing your app. 

We all have heard about custom app development and low code app development but it becomes confusing for those who are new in this field and want to develop the app for their business. Therefore, for them, this article helps them to decide which technology helps them to create a robust app for their business and choose the most appropriate one.

Custom App Development Vs Low Code Development

What is Custom App Development?

Custom app development is the process of software app development to attain the specific need of the business and the users. The custom app development targets the particular demands and needs of the users by utilizing the traditional and standard software tools. Custom app development is a requirement when one is looking to build unique app solutions that showcase their business. In this case, choosing low code app development is not a choice. 

Pros of Custom App Development

Advanced Software Support

With the custom app development, the support service is great as compared to the readymade ones. Your agreement with the mobile app development company provides consistent support for a team to provide maintenance services for the software. The resolution and response periods are faster with the custom app development. 


There is no doubt that you and your business must be using as many as tools it can be. It is common to want all the tools to interact by developing an interface that allows more effortless data transfer from one app to another. It is quite challenging to acquire the functionalities, but you can develop compatible in a custom app. 

Tailored solution

Developing a custom app guaranteed to fulfill all your business and users’ needs. While the development stage, you can find chances to improve your app efficiency. Top mobile app development companies can address the requirements that are needed to deliver essential tailored solutions. 

Fix Security Concerns

The cybercriminals are looking for flaws in any software so they can easily enter and harm your system. But in the custom app, there are fewer chances for it because of the hackers are not familiar with what tools are used in the custom app. 

What is a Low Code App Development?

Low code app development is a set of tools that are used by the developers to create custom app solution in a drag-and-drop visual interface which comprise a total user interface, logic, integrations, and data management. Basically, a low code platform includes application lifecycle management (ALM) and a visual integrated development environment (Visual IDE). thought a low code app development is kinda drag-and-drop, you can still script its code manually. 

Pros of Low Code App Development

Easy to make changes

To make changes in the low code apps and aligning them as per the requirements is simple. You do not require to perform intricate coding as the platform enables quick changes. But the altercation must go with the low code app and not as per your requirement. 


The potential to develop many apps in the short-duration leads to the reduced cost of development. The low code platform avoids the requirement of extra developers which reduces the hiring costs. 


Low code app development and custom app development both have their own advantages and both fulfill the demands of the business and users in their own way. We have after reading the above point you may have a sort of crystal clear idea about which would be great for your app development, if you are still confused, hire a top mobile app development company for your app they will suggest you the best way as per your idea. 

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy

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