Which is Suitable for Cross-platform App Development- Kotlin or Flutter

Which is Suitable for Cross-platform App Development- Kotlin or Flutter-byappsinvo.

In the world of app development, the cross-platform app development experiencing immense growth every year. Cross-platform app development allows the developer to use a single code to develop an app for multiple platforms. Therefore the cross-platform apps allow the developer to boost their reachability to a broad market at a low development cost. There is a new platform in the market for cross-platform app development i.e, Kotlin. So let’s see which platform is suitable for the cross-platform app development between – Kotlin or Flutter.

What is Flutter

Flutter is a google built UI kit ZTool that allows the developers to develop a native app by using the single codebase. It enables the developers to develop apps for both iOS and Android platforms on a single code programing language. For using the Flutter, you need to use Google programming language, Dart.  

What is Kotlin

Kotlin is an open-source and statically typed programming language especially designed to interoperate Java. As a standalone language, Koltin provides amazing features over Java, it also works well in conjunction with the older language. Kotlin multiplatform has the potential to allow the developers to share data, logic, and code across several platforms. 

Difference Between Kotlin & Flutter


  • Flutter: the advantage of using the flutter is it provides organizations with the hot reloading functionality. This function trend makes it really easy for the users to make any correction or modification at the backend and also view the difference at the frontend. 
  • Kotlin: the biggest advantage of referring kotlin language for the cross-platform development is it complies the multi-platform code to explicit with the same format as the targeted platform. 

UI Experience

  • Flutter: Flutter gives the opportunity to the developers to use the different types of widgets in the flutter app development. It helps the user to build mobility solution icons that are faster and have customized look and feel. 
  • Kotlin: This multiplatform does not demand the developers to use any type of guidelines for creating UI. Kotlin handles the UI to operate the visual, behavior, and performance of the application. 


  • Flutter: flutter and dart are the open-source programming language and free to use. This empowers the developer to see the documentation, queries in the forum, and learn and implement the code. 
  • Kotlin: when it comes to using Kotlin for the app development, it is also an open-source programming language and free to use that is available on the Github. 


  • Flutter: flutter provides a rich set of testing feature to the user, so they can do the testing of the app at a certain level like a unit, widget, and integration. Flutter has great documentation and widget testing feature where the user is allowed to build widget tests to examine the UI & operate them at the speed of the unit tests. 
  • Kotlin: when to consider the backend development services, the kotlin platform has the benefit to allows developers the multiplatform to compose the backend code. 


  • Flutter: it offers the function of building an app for Android and iOS both platform with less cost, time, and efforts & this feature of flutter makes it the most preferred choice for the app development.
  • Kotlin: it is a framework that provides the multiplatform feature to the users which execute within the native ecosystem. All the app developers use the same libraries and tools, they utilize the native app development including jetpack compose and SwiftUI.




Performance Fast & better in security, compatibility & Syntax Outstanding speed of the apps
Language Uses Java, Javascript, & Native. Uses Dart
UI Experience Allows to build a native app with 100% interoperable in Java Provides with one of the best UI
Pricing  Open Source Open Source
Testing  It allows composing the backend code Provides a rich set of testing feature
Integration Provide the user with multiplatform within the native ecosystem Both android and iOS platform


For the development of both native and cross-platform app development, both platforms are known to be trustworthy and objective at declining the time and expenditure in the app development along with include app performance. It does not matter whether you are an android and ios development company, both these platforms are different in their own way and used for app development. If you have any doubt regarding this topic you can write to us in the common section below or contact our it experts that they will help you as soon as possible.

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy 

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