Everything About the Cloud Applications

Everything About the Cloud Applications-byappsinvo

In the last blog, we have discussed bout the web apps so I thought why not talk about cloud apps. Our team has decided to give you a deep and thorough analysis of the cloud-based app. In this blog, we will talk about cloud apps, types of servers, examples of cloud apps, and their benefits. So let’s take a dive into the blog and see whats this blog have for all you of out there. 

What is Cloud Apps

A cloud-based app is an app that provides similar functionality to the Native app but it runs in the cloud and interacts with the help of APIs and the web browsers. The term cloud-environment explains how an IT company has configured its IT infrastructure to support cloud applications. 

Types of Cloud Apps Servers

Public Cloud: This is the ideal server for the cloud-based apps that requires the scale over time so the user can switch the server resource at any time in the public cloud. 

Hybrid Cloud: this is the second kind of server and it is a combination of the server resources of a public cloud that have the quality that costs minimum infrastructure costs and boost the processing power of the dedicated server. 

Private Cloud: This the third kind of server and it is almost similar to the public cloud, but this cloud is not shared with the other users to use. The private cloud is for the individual to keep their confidential documents to themselves.

Examples of Cloud Apps

Office 365 and Google Docs are the perfect examples of cloud-based applications. To access any cloud-based app or Google Docs or office 365 you don’t any anything more than a compatible web browser and a strong internet connection. All the functionality and the interface of the cloud app including the data storage delivered from the remote server. Cloud app servers have the potential to host hundreds of different cloud apps for your business. 

Benefits of Cloud Apps


A cloud-based app is more secure and reliable than desktop apps. While using the cloud app, the user does not have the possibility to install the malware or virus into their desktop which puts your business at risk. In the cloud apps, users can easily find the vulnerability and fixed it as soon as possible. Apart from all these, cloud-based apps provide insights into the company who is used its resources. 


Every company has experience and knowledge to understand the complexity they face while managing the large software deployment when the app ran on the desktops. Here are the cloud-based apps that help to solve the issue of big enterprises in the distribution of software deployment. Because cloud-based apps deliver the fine-grained, data control, and centralized users that helps the IT departments to manage and access the data via a dedicated control interface that diminish the complexity of business software management. 

Decrease Management Costs

Cloud app is popular because of delivering improved security and great control. The overall cost of managing the essential business application is declined. And due to all these reasons, many companies are outsourcing their management burden to the cloud vendor that help in reducing the requirement of large in house IT team. 

Reduce Software Licensing Costs

For many businesses, traditional enterprise software licensing cost them huge. Vendors try to keep their customers engage in their applications and take the huge charges for the license, support, and updates fees. Using the Cloud app for your businesses cut down all these costs because the subscription service for the cloud apps is simple. The cloud app required a fixed amount per month for each user if they want to use the app furthermore. It becomes easy and simple to migrate and export data between the different apps. 


As a cloud-based app developer, the Appsinvo team has the years of expertise and tools that you need while developing the cloud-based apps. If you are the one who wants to learn and looking for a development company that can develop a cloud-based app, Appsinvo will be the right choice for you because we can understand your server goals and deploy the cloud app on your budget and server. 

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy 

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