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Whatsapp is one of the leading instant messaging apps and social media platforms that are used by a massive number of users. This app is always in limelight because of its new and unique features. Recently this app has launched messaging auto disappearing and payment features in WhatsApp. 

But this time it has done something quite controversial, this time WhatsApp has updated its privacy policy, and users have to accept these new updated policies till 8 February 2021. This new policy states how the data of users are impacted when there is interaction with a business on this platform. 

All the data and information about the users is going to share with Facebook because it is a parent company of WhatsApp. In the updated privacy policy of WhatsApp, it is clearly mentioned the information it collects from us. Here is some information that WhatsApp will collect from us like usage and log information, location, device and connection, third party information, etc. 

We know there must be some queries and questions that are running in your mind related to these privacy policies, it is crucial to burst the doubts and give break to the running questions. Through this blog, we are providing you the right information about WhatsApp’s updated privacy policies.

Will WhatsApp Share Your Message Information With Facebook?

NO, as per the new privacy policy WhatsApp does not change the way it treats personal chats. Whatsapp is still end-to-end encrypted, no other party can read your messages. In a statement, WhatsApp mentioned that it does not make any change in the app’s data sharing practices with Facebook and does not impact on how users interact privately with friends and family. 

What Kind of Data will WhatsApp Share with Facebook?

Exchanging data with Facebook is already taking its place. Whatsapp is sharing the following information with Facebook like transaction data, registered information like phone numbers, service-related information, mobile device information, IP address, etc. WhatsApp is also gathering information about a device’s hardware. 

How does this Data Exchange Matter for Facebook?

This updated policy gives a few reasons for sharing the data with Facebook ensuring better security and enhance the user experience that was also present in the earlier policies as well. The new privacy policy is a new sign of WhatsApp’s deep integration into Facebook companies. 

Is WhatsApp Storing Messages?

No, as per the WhatsApp. According to the policy of WhatsApp, once the message is delivered, it will be not be stored on the server. Whatsapp only stores a message only when it cannot be delivered immediately. The message will stay on the server for up to 30 days in an encrypted form and if the message not delivered after 30 days, the message is deleted. 

What Policy Says about the Shared Data with Businesses?

As per the new policy, when a user interacted with the businesses on this platform, the content shared with a business on WhatsApp will be visible to the many people in that business. It is important and you need to know because WhatsApp has more than 50 million business accounts and it becomes the new monetization model for the users. 

Do You Have to Accept the Privacy Policy?

Yes, without any second thought this is the standard practice for most of the software. You have to accept this privacy policy before 8th February if you want to continue to use WhatsApp otherwise your account will be deleted and switch to another service. 


This is all about WhatsApp’s new privacy policy. It is our responsibility to spread a right and fresh piece of content to our readers and pull the break of rumors. We hope you find this content informative and if you want to develop an app like WhatsApp, feel free to contact us.

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy

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