Difference and Relation between Digitization and Digitalization


Digitization and digitalization, we have heard these terms for a long time and use them on regular basis. An investigation performed to find out the differences. As the publicity around the digital transformation keeps on persevering the terms digitalization and digitization join the fight expanding the degree of promotion while including disarray.

These terms have unmistakable implications that we can make them particular trust upon authority we are turning in to. These terms are regularly used together. This article will give you in-depth detail, relation, and the difference between digitization and digitalization. 

This blog will make things more crystal clear and help you to understand both terms in a great way. There are various businesses that erroneously accept that digitizing cycles will bring about digitalization or digital transformation.

What is Digitization

Digitization is the way toward changing data from an actual organization over to a digital one. It implements the changes over something non-digitized into a digital asset to be used by advanced frameworks and automate cycles or work processes. 

Digitization power the foundation of the business esteem which requires information. It serves to establish the framework for business usage that confluence the data. The significance of digitization in the business can be seen in both for managing simple data like paper-based measures. 

What is Digitalization

When we compare digitization and digitalization, you will see that they are firmly related to each other. These both are frequently used alternatively yet they are two different things. Digitalization is the method using to improve and enhance the business measures. Digitalization implements in making the digitalized data work for you. 

This term is suggested to the usage of digital transformation lifecycle and data to make income, enhance business, and make a digitalized culture where digital data is used. It alters the measures to be more fruitful, effective, and beneficial. 

In a business, digitalization suggested regularly to improve and empower the changes in the business tasks or potentially business capacities as well as measures by using the digital transformation.


  • Businesses are moving towards app development solutions to automate the business process and it becomes easy to manage them remotely. 
  • It becomes easy to transfer the data from CD, DVD, or blu-ray plat to online solutions like cloud storage and all. 
  • Sending a PDF file from a PC’s hard drive to the cloud storage and imparting it into many parts to examine the data easily.
  • Altering an excel accounting page to a google sheet put away in the cloud. All things considered, a google sheet itself required human connection to go with the latest. 

Differences Between Digitization vs Digitalization

Features Digitization  Digitalization
Focus Data Conversion Information processing
Goal Change analog to digital format Automate the existing business operation and processes. 
Activity Convert paper documents, photos, microfilms, LPs, films, and VHS tapes to digital format Creation of completely digital work process 
Tools  Computers and conversion/encoding equipment IT system and computer application
Challenges Volume material  Price financial 
Example Scanning paper-based registration forms The completely electronic registration process

Final Thoughts

From the conventional and traditional methods to the new digitalized transformation, we all have seen a great evolution of the industries. At appsinvo, we use the most latest and advanced technologies to automate the business process and help the clients to implement the best in industry advancements. 

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy

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