How Business Growth Depends on UI/UX Design of Mobile App

How Business Growth Depends on UIUX Design of Mobile App-byappsinvo

Most of the users leave a website in just 10-20 seconds and users uninstall the apps within the 2 days of download. Could you find the reason behind these stats? Because the users don’t find the design of the website or app visually appealing. Unfortunately, many people and businesses take the UI/UX foregranted, and afterward, they have to pay the price in another way like losing their brand reputation, losing users, and etc. So, on that note, we have come to tell you how a UI/UX design can boost your business 

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is very important for a business because a bad UI/UX drives users away from your platform and it leads to customer dissatisfaction. On the other side, a visually appealing UIUX design keeps the user satisfied and hooked. 

Stay your Users Hooked 

In a study, it is shown that humans have an attention span of only 8 seconds. Yes, right in those 8 seconds humans will decide whether they come back or use your app or not. Now here the user decision depends on the UI/UX of your app or website. If the user likes the design of your website or app and the information they are getting on your platform. Therefore businesses should pay more focus on the UI/UX of their website or app. 

Build Your Brand Reputation

We all know the first impression is the last impression. Do you know, 74% of people make their choice for purchase based on the colors? It means more than half internet users will not find engaging and visit your website if they do not find the colors appealing. So the color you are going to use for your app or website should be visually appealing that will help you in building your brand reputation because 74% of users matter. 

Get More Traffic

IT industry is full of competitors, more than a hundred companies out there that are delivering the same kind of services and products. So thing how will you stand out? What extra efforts do you make to keep your customers retain to you and your business? So here UI/UX plays an important role because a great design always keeps users’ stay hooked. It is your responsibility to develop and design a better UI/UX for your website or app. 

Interesting UI/UX Facts

Let’s see some interesting fun facts regarding the User interface and user experience

  • Businesses can raise their conversion rate by 400% by using the intentional and strategic user experience.
  • You can get leads and investments of 100$ or more by just doing a small investment in the UX
  • In a study, it is shown that 74% of people come back to the websites if they are optimized for mobile.

From the above fact, you had realized that a good UI/UX has a spectacular effect on your business. It can help you to bring clients and leads, retain your customers for long, convenience them to purchase your services. That is why it is important to keep a special focus on your UI/UX if want to grow your business.

How to Improve UI/UX

After realizing & knowing the importance of user interface and user experience design in business, you might be amazed by how to make the user experience of your website or app better in the other way. Here are some small but beneficial tips for the UI/UX 

  1. Try to understand what your audience wants
  2. Put yourself on the users’ place and ask whatever you have designed would users be like and satisfied with it. 
  3. Try to keep your app simple and precise. Do not put so many features and elements on your website or mobile app. 
  4. Offer things that your users want, not what you desire to offer. 
  5. Make the Login process simple.
  6. Don’t confuse your users or customers. 
  7. Create a design that gives the feel of real. 
  8. Consider human psychology for color, patterns, and behaviors in your designs. 


It is very important to pay special attention as it is a critical aspect of your app. To make your app successful, it all depends on the user interface of your app or website. For that, you need to do market research so you get the idea of what kind of things users are looking for and design your app and website as per it. 

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy 

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