Top 5 Cost Splitting Apps for the Friends


Every person’s life is transformed with the advancement of digitalization and technology. Technological advancement leads to the ease of the people in their everyday lives. With the help of technology, the financial sector has changed its face with mobile apps. The demand for money or cost-spiting apps is high when you are on a trip or just hanging out with friends. 

If you are going on a solo trip, the best part of it is you have complete control over your cash. If you go with a group of your friends, it will be quite tough to manage and work out who owes what. Every person has different ways of splitting the money. If you maintain track of every single penny in your mind, it can be quite a hassle. 

Money splitting apps help users when users go on a trip with their friends and they want equal splitting of the expenditure without any hard feelings. Therefore, you do not have to apply your brain where you can easily do your task with the help of an app. 

If you also belong to the mobile app development field, it is a good idea to create such kind of user-friendly apps. This kind of app must have a bright future in the upcoming years. Let’s take a look at the best cost splitting apps

5 Cost Splitting Apps for the Friends



This app is one of the best apps to download for cost splitting. This app is started as a rent-splitting calculator but after experiencing rapid growth with the advancements and time in this domain, it is also available for iOS, web, and Android. This app makes it easy for users to share all the expenses from travel to coffee and tea. In this app, it is possible to create several groups, to track the costs with all in your life, whether it is travel friends, colleagues, or roommates. This app will not do anything rather than managing all your expenses and tell your share after splitting the cost equally. 

Settle Up

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You will not disagree with the tagline of the app it is “ Good accounting makes good friends”. This app has the most attractive user interface as compared to the Splitwise. This app is for both Android and iOS users. This app is a free version available for android users but not for iOS users. For the pro version, android users need to pay 0.99$ per month and iOS users need to pay 1.99$ per month. This app has few extra interesting apps than Splitwise. This app allows users to use all kinds of currencies and works entirely offline. 

Excel Tactics


Although there are ways to simplify it but using the Excel tactics can be complicated. Excel tactics is a web app that assists its users to keep the track of your money and expenses. This app is free to install for the website and lets the users keep the track of everything you spent your money on. As per the creator of the Excel tactics, this app has all the essential features. Using this app is as easy as having an app on your device.



This app is an ideal alternative if you are looking for a free option to split your travel expenses with having the currency conversion issue at the same time. This app also works offline and has features like total group expenditure, debt simplification, currency conversion, etc. This is a user-friendly and likable app with many options like unequal bill splitting, several payees, etc and the best part is all the features are free. 



This Venmo app enables the users to split the bill and pay your friends immediately but it also requires some math from your end. This app is well-known in the states where mainly amongst the users between 17-25 age. It provides a solution like a social media platform as a personal financial tool with the emojis and the function to like & comment on transactions. 


There are many ways to divide the cost among friends. But using the cost splitting apps can make the whole procedure more easy and convenient. So if you are looking for developing such kind of app, Appsinvo is a top mobile app development company that is always there for you. If you have any queries related to this, feel free to ask us.

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy

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