How Kotlin Features Improves Your App Development Process

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In 2017, Google has introduced the new supportive programming language for the Android platform that is Kotlin. The growth level of Kotlin has already entered into a new dimension. The number of android developers is shifting & learning to kotlin accelerating. According to Google, more than half of the android app developers use kotlin to develop their android apps. It is one of the most used and popular programming languages globally. 

Moreover, it is presumed that kotlin might even transform how Java is utilized on the server. Android app developers have the knowledge to learn and brace the kotlin for app development and deliver a great user experience. There are many beneficial kotlin features in app development, we will discuss the same thing in this blog to enhance your android app development process. 

Kotlin features for the app development process

Before knowing about the features of kotlin, keep in mind that these are especially using for android app development. Therefore you should be familiar with the android studio from JetBrains. 

It is an Open-source

The first thing you must know about kotlin is an open-source programming language. Besides being open-source, kotlin also delivers a single-click tool using which app developers can convert current java code. And if you are a new android app developer new to kotlin and keen to learn it from the basics, we suggest starting with a beginner course available. 

It supports Full Java interoperability

The best and one of the significant features of android kotlin is its intense interoperability with java. This is what appealed to many developers to learn kotlin. It runs on JVM and also supports java libraries and tools, offering full java interoperability. App developers can easily assemble one android project in both languages with this function. This will allow app developers to switch the programming language rather than changing the code.

It follows the lazy loading feature

The lethargic loading feature boosts the startup time, which is super helpful while utilizing it for android development. To put it simply, it is the best solution for all app developers who want to prevent their app startup time from displaying their app’s content quicker. Using this feature, android app developers can load the only resources into primary memory which is necessary.

Collection filtering

While working with API, app developers need to handle collections quite often. However, using the kotlin collection filtering feature, it’s simpler to tell what your resulting list should include.

Extension functions

The extensions of the Kotlin language are useful as they permit app developers to add ways to classes without modifying the source code. In kotlin, you can include ways on a per-user basis to classes. Kotlin extensions avoid the need to have utility ways or categories that can improve your code’s readability dramatically. 

Prevents Crashes at runtime

This is the most advanced feature where it is simple to recognize while assembling your android app development project. This will guarantee that every variable works as a non-null and assist to prevent the number of crashes at runtime.

The final note

These are the top beneficial feature we have used to enhance the android app development process. These features will indeed give you a head start in your kotlin android development process. Yet if you have any queries, you can connect with the appsinvo team and ask them, they will help you out. 

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy 

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