How Much Does it Cost to Build a Ticket Booking App

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With the help of technology, it becomes possible to get every service available at our fingertips. All the credit goes into the lap of technology that beautifully transformed the way we interact with other various services around us. In this fast pace world, the most convenient and revolutionary app concept is the ticket booking app

Yes with this type of app it becomes easy to book your seat in either bus, train, event, or flight without taking any physical and mental stress as compares to the traditional booking process. These apps not only have easy to book the ticket but also easy payment options that let the users make the payment easily without any hassle and pick your seat as per their choice. 

Now you have wondered about what it takes to develop such kind of mobile app and how much does it cost to develop the app. So to help you we have jotted down some point to make the thing crystal clear we have brought this article today to tell you how much it cost to build a ticket booking app. 

Panels for Ticket Booking App

  • User Panel
  • Admin Panel

In the above mentioned both panels have certain features that make the app more functional in the best possible way.

Features in the Ticket Booking App

There are many features that should be in a ticket booking app to make it more effective. So here are some features 

User Panel

  • Signup/Login: this is the foremost feature in the ticket booking app that helps the users to register themselves into the app by providing some small details. Users can also log in through social media accounts as well.
  • Location selection: with this feature, it becomes easy for the users to book their tickets on the basis of location, availability of the seat by the GPS.
  • Home Page: from the home page, users will get the option to explore all the features and functionalities. From here they can check the price of the tickets and etc. 
  • Booking window: after selecting the ticket, users can easily book their seats through this booking window effortlessly.
  • Rating: after using the app users can give the rating to the app and help others in booking the tickets.

Admin Panel

  • Login: this is the foremost feature to use the app and start functioning. 
  • Dashboard: it is very important to always maintain the decorum and functionality of the app. This feature helps the admin to view and track the overall app functionality and business performance.
  • Manage Users: this feature lets the admin manage the users’ list, remove, add, and add new service providers. 
  • Earning Management: it permits the admin to view the total earnings, edits, delete or view the percentage of revenue coming from. 

Advanced Features

  • Calendar: this could be beneficial for the ticket app as it enables the users to manage their own calendar and keep the track of the schedules to stay prepared in advance. 
  • Smart Search: with this feature, it becomes easier for the users to search smartly and get the suggestion on the basis of their past search history. 
  • Google Map: the importance of the mapping can not be ignored in any situation in the ticket booking app. Your app gets the direction to book the ticket from your nearest location. 
  • 24/7 customer support: customer support is a crucial fact that can win the trust of the users. You can offer the chatbot service to the customer and never-ending online support to the users. 
  • Cloud storage: in a ticket booking app it is crucial to have massive data and this needs to be managed and controlled y cloud storage. 

Estimated Cost to Develop a Ticket booking App

The cost of any app depends on several factors and it is not possible to find the cost of the app from a single factor. The factors like features, technologies, functionalities, platform, and many more aspects that come together and make the total cost of the app. The estimated cost of the ticket booking app could be from $5000-$8900 or for more in-depth detail you can freely ask our sales team as they are always there for you. Reach us today and get a risk free quote for the ticket booking app concept.

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy

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