Must-have Features in the Job Search Apps

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The rise in the usage of smartphones also increased the demand and the usage of mobile apps. The usage of mobile apps has increased tremendously, billions of mobile apps downloaded every single day, and transformed the ways of doing business and living of the people. There are many top mobile app development companies that have the potential to fulfill the needs of humans through mobile apps.

Every organization has many departments, it has also penetrated the HR department and recruitment process. There are many mobile apps that are specially for job search across various occupations and expertise domains. The ratio of the job search depends from one industry to another. Searching for the job and resume process on the smartphone is becoming trending and the high in demand due to COVID-19.

The job search apps work 24/7, these apps also help the newbies or the experts to create your CV, easily connect with the recruiters networking opportunities, and view new job openings. Through these apps, job seekers can seek jobs from anywhere and at any time. 

The job search apps like Glassdoor, LinkedIn, are booming in the last few months. These apps have a simple job search and application process. In this article, we tried to explain the must-have features in any job search mobile apps.

Features in the Job Search Apps

App Panels

  • User: This panel is for the users or job seekers. They easily sign-up or login to the app and create their profile by adding their information like name, email, attach the CV in the profile, and add their expertise. After all this, the seeker can send their cv to where they want to apply.
  • Recruiter: The employer can post the job, edit it, and can invite the perspectives for the job interviews accessing the panel. Through this panel, recruiters can also look at the resumes from the vast database. 
  • Admin:  Admin panel enables one to overlook the job ads that are running on the social media campaign. The admin panel also manages the employers’ profile. Apart from all this, the admin panel can do the app studies and evaluate the number of seekers get the job via the app.

CV Writing

Through this feature, the user can write a CV understanding of the writing tools. The guidelines of the resume formats and samples must be saved for simplifying the task of CV writing. 

In-app Conversation

Communication is a critical feature of any job searching app. Keep connected with the users is a crucial step for any app and when it comes to job search apps, there are many ways to connect with the users through email, SMS, and notifications. In the job searching app, users always want to be heard so allow them to talk with the recruiter or admin so they can easily ask their queries. 


There is no doubt that job search apps are free of cost for the users but for using the advanced features of the app, you need to buy their membership. For example, if you take LinkedIn premium membership, you can find out who has viewed your profile. Through membership, users can enjoy the premium features of the app. 

Payment modes

Many job search apps have different levels of membership accounts. For instance, premium users have the access to get the top job notification of the locality in no time. Therefore, digital payment via various options is the best choice to make. 

Interview schedule

As per the job seekers, providing them the right job and potential to schedule a job interview is an integral part of any job-seeking app. By adding this feature in your app, the employers can get the list of interested candidates. So they can easily schedule the applicants’ interview as per their preferred time frame. 

Wrap Up

Mobile technology has entirely changed our lives with its consistent improvements and cutting edge technologies. With the help of technology, it has become very easy for the job seeker and the interviewer to find the right job and candidate respectively. A mobile job search app only is useful if the UI of the app is easy to navigate and accessible so candidates can find their perfect job and employer can find their right candidate. 

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy

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