How to Develop a Gaming App like Dream11?


People from the globe are somewhere crazy and passionate about sports whether it is football, lawn tennis, or cricket. The madness for sports and games is rendering a new way for startups and businesses to build something unique and innovative solution in the gaming domain. There is no doubt that in the previous years many gaming apps launched in the market that is loved by the users as their favorite sports but in the last few years, this scenario has changed a lot.

These days users not only just play the games but also participate in running leagues and earn exciting rewards. They can build their own team and play many tournaments online. Now with the new gaming, apps the experience of gaming is improved and enhanced and people know them by the name of fantasy sports. The demand for fantasy gaming apps is rapidly increasing day by day.

Today in this article, we are going to give you insights into how to develop a fantasy app, what kind of features should have, and make it engaging.

What are Fantasy sports Apps?

For those who are not aware of what are fantasy sports apps, unlike other gaming apps, it also allows users to play their favorite sports in real. The only difference is rather than playing in the real world, these fantasy games give you the same experience in the virtual gaming world. Just like a real game, users can build their team, choose the stakes, earn rewards and cash prizes, and many more. Here is a list of global popular fantasy gaming apps in India and worldwide

Global Fantasy Sports Apps

  • Draftkings
  • RealFevr
  • Yahoo Fantasy sports
  • CBS Fantasy Sports

Fantasy Sports Apps in India

  • Dream11
  • MPL
  • FanFight
  • MY 11 circle

How does the Fantasy app work?

Like Dream11 is not just a fantasy sports cricket app, there are many other games too for sports lovers to play. The working process is very simple for these apps, in the virtual gaming world, all you need is to find your sport and make your own team by choosing the players and you are ready to go. So here are the few steps that a user has to follow

Select the sport

When the user login into the app, she or he can select their preferred sport after verifying all the details and creating a profile themself and once the sport is selected, they can choose the league they want to play.

Create a team

To play any fantasy game like football or cricket, you should have a team and this is where users will get an opportunity to choose and pick the players and build their own team.

Decide the captaincy

This is the most crucial part after creating your own team because without a captain in the team it is nothing. So users can choose the captain and vice-captain of the team.

Management of team

Just like the real cricket team, if a player is not performing well, you can easily make changes and after your team as and when you like. Users also have a chance to tack and analyze the performance of their teammates.


There is no fun in playing any game when there are no rewards. Every team earns a reward when it wins the match and performs well which will be distributed among the team players. 

Monetization model for the Fantasy Sports App

We understand the whole reason for making a fantasy gaming app is to earn revenue from it and in India cricket is one of the most popular games. People here are passionate about these games and therefore making money out of this fantasy game is quite easy. Here are some ways you can use in your gaming app

  • Advertising
  • Brand promotion
  • Fees
  • Subscription

Features in Your Fantasy Sports App like Dream 11

Users Admin Advance Features
User Registration Admin Login Live group chat
Dashboard Manage Results and Rewards Social Media Sharing
Choose the tournament Payment Management Live commentary feed
Join the Tournament Push Notifications Live video streaming 
Multiple Payment Modes User Management Chatbot API integration
Create Contest Manage Leagues
Invite and Earn Analytics Dashboard


How much does it cost to develop a gaming app like Dream11?

The cost of fantasy app development like dream 11 depends on many factors like app development platform, third-party APIs, area of app development, app development complexities, app development team size, features in your app. These factors will bring a huge difference in the overall cost of getting a fantasy sports app development. As an experienced app developer, Appsinvo renders great solutions for fantasy gaming app in the $8500-9800 for a single platform, and for more in-depth detail you can ask our sales team.

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy

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