Reasons For Using the Illustrations in UI/UX Design


If you are from app development, you must know about the illustrations that have the potential to enhance the UI/UX design by adding value to a product. While designing the user interface of the mobile app, you can easily find the interactive and popular features. 

Illustrations are used to justify the ways of interaction that build the methods for UX/UI design and other functions that work simultaneously and act as a great communication tool between the user and the product. The illustration will assist you to explain the meaning of complex ideas and concepts through visual representations.

These illustrations will assist the designers in building a narrative design for users to help in taking easy verdicts. To understand why UI/UX design should have illustrations for mobile apps and the web. So let’s understand the about the illustrations.

What are Illustrations?

Illustrations are the way of visual representation of a story so users can easily visualize the function, environment, and procedure. The object of communication is its major difference from the art. The illustration will help the designer to convey a message and they are quite more informative. Normally, illustrations are comprised for some reasons because they are integrated into an array of published media in an interactive and printed way.

Types of UI Illustrations

In the modern user interface, you may find all the styles and directions that can be expressed in illustrations with the help of vector and icon images to the explained digital artwork. There are many types of user interface illustrations

  • Theme
  • Onboarding 
  • Rewards
  • Tutorials
  • Entertainment
  • Mascots

Reasons for Using the illustrations

Real communication

Having communication with the users is one of the most imperative aspects of a great user experience, designers can use the illustrations for allowing the users to visit the page or app. The illustration will help you at every stage of navigation and enhance the UX.

Improve project desirability

There are various people who go for the operation first theme, their natural desire for beauty and joy is still there. Utility and usability set up every interface. With the help of illustration, you can reach your audience using the style, beauty, and elegance that you can easily add to your user interface.

Bring required humor

Designers should give a lot of endeavors for making easy communication with users that have a pinch of humor that shows the emotions behind a message or a text cannot let down anyone. Illustrations can save them when it comes to user retention.

Motivate users

While using the illustrations in the user interface design will give the strong motivation that can drive the user involvement for a long. They also function as a way of storytelling behind the idea. The app and website designers can use interactive and actionable illustrations in the user interface and user experience design for encouraging the users. 

Final Thoughts

Why we go for better when we can do great. Illustrations are the strong tools that add beauty, storytelling, and everything that has the potential to add value and communicate. And this makes designers consider them a powerful way to enhance the UI/UX design.

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy

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