Inside Story of Android Dev Summit 2021


Android development has evolved a long distance since its origin. The platform has developed crossed various areas. There are so numerous new accessories, methods, and android frameworks that keep growing, enabling worldwide developers to perform excellent app experiences.

Android Dev Summit 2021 sparked off with the criterion triggering the year’s report “great apps, across devices.” In addition to that, they published the most advanced Android development present like Jetpack Compose (Android’s modern native UI), now with Material You. Impressive, right?

However, that’s not the complete story. The Android case also throws the capacity to increase your apps across billions of Android gadgets, from wearables to large screens linked with a developer presurvey of an Android 12 feature centered on foldable, large screens, and tablets, called 12L. So, what you require is to buckle up. This blog will concentrate on the Android dev summit 2021 highlights. We will see what report has been brought for you.

Top News of Android Dev Summit 2021

JetPack Compose

As you know, Material You is the consequent progression of Material Design. In distinction, Jetpack Compose is a functional toolkit of Android for creating native UI, which is now enduring and production-ready, delivering new functionality and execution enhancements. 

Now, the Android partners have published compose-material: a brand new artifact for creating original UIs with Jetpack Compose. With the update comes advanced elements and a color mode, collectively with assistance for vibrant color, building a personalized color palette.

New Android OS 12L

The Android team has equipped developers with research of an imminent feature drop concerning Android 12. For deep detail of this, you can read our blog – Everything You Should Know About the New Changes in Android 12L

Create Android Apps for every shape & size

As Android operates on gadgets of all sizes and shapes, the team has prolonged the experience. Now you can maintain your user engagement exceeding the phone to a whole ecosystem of devices, including TVs, wearables, and also cars. 

The wearable OS, they have heightened up their collaboration with Samsung and mobile and originated a completely new variant of the OS. Besides, you can build more flourishing and more immersive app activities for wearables with Google Play, Spotify, YouTube Music, Calm, starve, and much more. 

New Tools for Google Play

Google Play has been assigned to offer a reliable and stable platform for app developers and billions of users. Henceforth, ahead this year, they introduced to the data safety division in the play store, which will be seen from February. The division will notify users of what kind of data the app gathers, saves, and practices. 

Thereby, developers can be more honest about their way to user privacy. Another Google Play characteristic is a Play Sincerity API to preserve apps and games from dishonest traffic, illegal access, tampering, etc. Furthermore, the API will support distinguishing if the backend is interacting with the actual binary on a real Android device and is connected by Play.

Final thought

It’s not everything, though. There is a lot moving on in the Android panorama. The partners are trying hard to promote the appearance and knowledge of Android apps across gadgets of all shapes and sizes.

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy 

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