Significance of 5G network in Mobile App Development


We are not so far from entering into a new world, where sending heavy data is not so become a hurdle. The world is moving at a fast pace whether it is accessibility ease, connectivity, velocity, and consistent innovation that make human life easier. Till now we are using a 4G network that delivers an outstanding experience to the users. This article put light on what is 5G, how it works, its attributes, and the features that make it important for the mobile app development industry. 

What is 5G Network

The recent and the new modern mobile internet and broadband connection service 5G, as refer as “fifth-generation”. Gradually 5G is replacing the 4G LTE and it will take its place sooner. The download and uploading speed of the 5G will be like never seen before. 5G is not an extended or updated version of 4G, 5G has a completely new and distinctive network infrastructure. The primary aim of the 5G network to improve the current network connectivity and velocity. So it will directly empower the mobile phone experience worldwide by sharing the data or information within milliseconds time. 

Types of Band Spectrum of 5G Network

Low band spectrum

The second name of this is the 1GHz spectrum. 1GHz connectivity is a basic band and is almost available but when it comes to covering vast areas and wall diffusion, this spectrum is the best.  

Mid-band spectrum

It renders the high-speed up to 1Gbps and offers high velocity than a low-band spectrum but fails to put up with penetration. It doesn’t provide quality wall diffusion as a low band spectrum. 

High-band spectrum

The 5G technology needs a high band spectrum for completing high-level performance but there are some downsides of this as well. This can reach to the 10Gbps speed and lessen the latency. It doesn’t have an extensive coverage area and low wall penetration. 

Attributes of 5G Technology

Fast Speed

5G technology is all about a faster speed than any other network. 5G technology aims to deliver a fast and smooth cellular connection. 


Low latency

At a time, the 4G network has an average latency of 50 milliseconds, on the other hand, 5G slashed in just 1 millisecond. The data can be transferred between the devices in real-time with minimum hindrance with the help of ultra indelible low latency communication (URLLC). Due to fewer network delays and interference, mobile apps will have the potential to do better and deliver more improved UX.

Increased Connection Density

When 4G connects about 2000 devices in the 0.38 square miles and on the other hand 5G can support 1 million devices at the same time. 5G technology opens a wide area for the app developers in the domain of IoTs when the technology makes a perfect blend with connectivity and better speed along with latency and low power usage. 

High bandwidth

The reason behind the better connectivity on the horizon of the 5G will include all previous cellular spectrums. 5G technology will have higher radio frequencies from 30 GHz to 300 GHz range and have shorter wavelengths than 4G.

5G Network in Mobile App Development

Better Integration

5G technology gives access to the developers to integrate multiple into their apps effectively. With the boost in personalized interaction, cloud-based services, and prompt feedback, 5G technology helps this aspect in even further way. 

Increased Battery life

After reducing the latency, less dependency on hardware, and high speed, 5G technology will reduce battery consumption. This potential of 5G technology extends the battery life of IoT devices and mobile devices. This will allow the users to use the phone and interact with the app longer. 

Improved User Experience

With the help of 5G technology, we can improve the responsiveness of the app and its performance. 5G technology will give you better connectivity, visual clarity, and decrease loading times and this will show a significant outcome to the user interface. Developers can improve the user experience in a better way while using these features of 5G technology. 

Easy to transfer large files

Today we all face issues while sending the heavy and large files because it becomes time-consuming, hectic, and sometimes irritating too. But with 5G, transferring huge data will be a cakewalk, that boost the functionality and performance. These qualities of 5G help the app developers to put their focus on improving productivity and improving the user experience. This enables us to easily transfer huge and heavy data more effectively. 

More Accurate GPS

5G uses short-wavelength and higher radio frequencies that deliver high connectivity and better coverage to its users. The 5G delivers highly accurate and precise outcome and it becomes an important feature for those apps that have in-build GPS. so, the GPS-based mobile app development will improve in a better way by using the improved connectivity, enhanced speeds, and continuous communication of 5G. 

Final Thoughts

There is an increase in the number of users, device connected, and demand for mobile apps to the 4G network. 5G network will be a blessing for the world to experience new connectivity that delivers world-class connecting services. This new high-speed connectivity will help the mobile app development companies and other technological fields to come out as fulfilling the needs of the world. 

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy 

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