Significance of White Space in UI Design


The white space is like air, it is mandatory for the design to breathe. When you work in a team where a UI designer works with you, you must have heard the term ‘white space’. You must have aware of its usage in user interface design. After all a fully functional and enticing UI designs outcomes from white space’s intentional use. 

Whitespace easily influences to keep the people entice on your mobile app and website user engagement. In a study, it is shown that using the white space in your user interface design can enhance the engagement of your app or website by 20%. This study shows the significance of white space in UI design.

It is the most important tool for user interface design. It is one of the most overlooked elements in the designing part. So, it has become the hottest design debate among designers and clients. Designers think the use of white space in UI designs enhances the elegance and ensures a quality user experience. 

Unfortunately, various clients and managers consider it as just wasted space. So, if you are one of those who are unsure about using white space in your web design, it means you are not aware of its incredible benefits. 

Why Is White Space Important In UI Design?

Let’s have a look at the most important reasons for using white space in UI design. 

It Improves Readability And Comprehension  

One of the most important benefits of using white space UI design is that it makes both comprehension and readability easier and likely. Space between text is necessary as it serves to determine the page content itself. You should optimize your content for clarity and readability. Usually, the wider space, the better comprehension and reading experience the user will have. Using too much whitespace between lines can interrupt the readability and create the design inappropriate.

It Increases Interaction Rates

Several studies showed that an average concentration time of an internet user is 6 seconds. Effective use of whitespace improves the UI design gets the information through users quickly and improves the communication rates by emphasizing the Call to Action. So, as a designer, it is your responsibility to build connection lines between users and the design and whitespace can help deal with it. The uses of whitespace are quite clear and communicate the search purpose of the page. 

It Improves Focus & Attention 

Using white space in UI design helps guide users through interactive content. It may help to create focal points and direct the user’s attention to specific layout parts. Website and mobile app development strategies planning give priority to particular elements. In order to spotlight these elements, you can use several visual features. 

Makes Feeling of Elegance

Undoubtedly, whitespace is a great tool for improving a website’s user experience. But did you know it also entails luxury and sophistication to your design? A glossy magazine like Vogue is a great example of this statement. The design of this magazine shows how perfectly the use of white space gives an impression of elegance and sophistication.

It looks professional

Using the white space in the right way in your user interface design will make the design look more professional. One of the basic reasons why designers are giving importance to this element is their web design. 


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