Features Required for Your Online Grocery Delivery Marketplace


With the flooding of on-demand mobile apps, shoppers are now getting slowly usual to shopping online for everything including food, medicine, cosmetics, and grocery items. A few years back, this online grocery delivery marketplace idea was so underpenetrated, but in the world of smartphones, this sector is growing faster. 

Many big companies like Walmart and Amazon are looking forward to expanding their online grocery delivery marketplace throughout the globe. We all know that it will take time for people to shift from physical stores to online stores. Therefore, every businessman is not leaving any page unturned to go online and build their creative world for their customers. 

Hence, before developing your online grocery delivery marketplace it is mandatory to know about the features you should integrate into your app. Let’s see some 

Features for Your Online Grocery Delivery Marketplace

Easy Registration

The registration has to be manageable and user-friendly. It is popular to Register through social media login. This characteristic can be appended to the registration process. Other chances you can register through your email id or phone number. When registering through social media platforms, the possibility to receive any offer makes it good publicity for the online grocery delivery app. 

Product Listing 

This is the foundation of every online grocery marketplace app development. But peculiar care is to be exercised to distribute the grocery things into products and sub-products so that it is a flawless shopping activity for the users. All the goods should have a definite description so that consumers get relevant knowledge from them.

Quick Shopping list

After exploring, if the customer doesn’t require to purchase the item and save it for later shopping, then a wish list in the online grocery delivery app development method will help them in this regard. Here, the consumer can retain the things for future citation. This characteristic can incorporate many benefits like a personal list, reminder list, scanned barcode list, and so on.


This center feature has to be robust, yet simplistic. It has to allow freedom for the user to examine things from the app. The grocery app development has to join filters of different characters that will make it easy for doing so that the user transfers their favored item explore actively in the list.


GPS real-time tracking is an essential feature in the grocery app development process that permits users to trace their order delivery. From the dispatch to the expected time for delivery, real-time tracking advises users to know the situation of their order.

Schedule Delivery

This enables the users to register their delivery in advance as per their preference. The customers can pick a delivery date for their purchase during the checkout process. The grocery mobile app development can incorporate the delivery expected time to inform the customers.

Push notifications

If any customer has to be given regular updates about new proposals or new outcomes. Push notifications help this idea. The grocery mobile app development has to render this characteristic so that the clients stay committed to their grocery app.

Payment options

The sound various payment options will include card payment, COD (cash on delivery), or mobile wallet. This will make the shopping simple for them as per their preference. Ask your grocery delivery app development organization to combine various payment gateways in your grocery app to enable people to make payments as per their wishes.

Share shopping list

This feature enables the user to get the matching lists with other users. By combining this feature, the consumers can experience it with other family members to comprehend if anything further is to be attached to the list.

Reward price

In order to hold the customers involved in your grocery delivery app, reward them with points or cashback on every order. You can also send them push notifications for any game so that they collect the reward points and use them later.


The achievement of a grocery delivery startup depends on several determinants. Out of all these features, the grocery delivery app development has to be unique, different, and allow enriching expertise to the user. 

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy 

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