Everything About Mobile App UI Animation


Do you remember when was you visit a website or a mobile app without any trace of animation?

It is hard to remember right? Well, this is the reality as a vast number of websites and mobile apps are integrating animations into their platforms for enticing users and maximize the engagement on the websites and mobile apps for the longer run. 

Nowadays, animations are becoming the integral and core part of any business strategy as it is a nice and lucrative way to entice and engage the users to support your app. Start your animation from an improved user experience to make the UI of the app appealing, animation is used in many ways. 

There are more than 5 million apps on the play store as per the statistics still there are many apps that are able to hook the users on their app or website and this might lead them to great losses. For understanding animation, you need to understand the basics of its and this blog is all about the types of animations and how to use animation in the mobile apps

How is the animation used in Apps?

The importance of animation in a mobile app and website is to improve the usability of the app. This is integrated into the mobile app for helping the users to identify the connection between the interface elements and views along with and letting them see a glimpse of what is happening in the mobile app, app screens, page hierarchy while holding an interaction with them. 

There are mobile app animation instances like click effects, hover effects, bouncing lists, and more that support improvising the experience and usability of users. Incorporating the right animation in your app not just hold users to the website and app but also helps in controlling, navigating the app fast and conveniently. So while designing or incorporating the animation keep things in mind, let’s see the types of mobile animations.

Types of Mobile Animations

Feedback Animations

Feedback animations provide feedback to the users about a specific action done or failed. The use of feedback animation keeps the interaction string between users and the app even. 

Splash Screen Animations

In this type of animation that users look at it right after opening the app or website. It is created using the identity or logo of the company. The splash screen is not for the function it is just for entertainment. 

Progress Animation

Instead of keeping your users waiting when something processing, bridge that gap with some animation that shows what is going on and what is the progress. This will help the users in offering them assurance of the process going on for the specific actions.

Loading animations

Loading animation is used to informs users about the loading progress of the app and websites. Loading animation is come in various patterns like loaders, preloaders and pull to refresh, etc. 

Attention-Drawing Animation

This type of animation enables users to interact with the app. It is a form of a comprehensive visual regime with motion capturing the attention of the users along with directing them. By going through the mobile animations that are made to obtain the consideration of the users. 

Transition animation

To make the navigation from one screen to another is also important and for this transition, the animation will help you. They are great and showcase the overall process, it does not just adore the app screen but creates a feeling of lightness and space into the screen. 

Scroll Animation

This type of animation is used for both web and mobile apps. Scroll animations add beauty and elegance to the overall process resulting in neat & clean, unique, and eye-catching designs. 

Marketing Animations

Using the proper amount of animation in your app and website also plays an important role in creating brand awareness. Marketing animation is made to catch the attention of the users to build the brand’s ideology.

Notification Animation

This type of animation is great to hook the users along with making them see if they miss anything significant in the app. Incorporating the right set of elements, colors, and other important things, you can simply make the notification animation eye-catching and good enough.


Engaging and uninterrupted animation in your app and websites will definitely help you to make a way that interacts with the users in an easy and natural way. We hope you find this article informative and help you in choosing the right animation for your app and websites. 

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy

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