Tips for Creating UI Mobile App Animations

Tips for Creating UI Mobile App Animations-byappsinvo

In the user experience design of an app, it is the area where designs can do experiments and mobile app animations give you an opportunity to bring out your creative side while developing the UI design of the app and make the app more visually appealing. Interface design is an essential part of any digital product, app, or website. 

Just think about when the last time you visit an app or website that has not any animated designs or animation? The answer must be years ago, the answer to this question shows the importance and usage of the app animations. 

At appsinvo, we are thorough to take the approach of designing animation for the app or website and make sure it does not overlook. In this article, we are giving you some tips that will definitely help you in creating user experience mobile app animations.

Tips for Creating UI Mobile App Animations

Layout Preparation

To get started with how to make UI mobile app animation, start with making the layout in detail and with required elements. Give a structure all the elements in a layout and write meaningful names to the layers. Combine all the layers make them into the group try to reduce the unnecessary layers, once all the things are done, merge all the components together for final animation.

Be Loyal

You are designing animation for the app users so try not to stick to the brand’s ideology will not bring the expected and desired outcomes for the business too. Therefore it is important to balance the situation between the brand’s idea and app animation about to be done. 

Animation of different devices

What is appealing animation for one user might be a failed or glitchy experience for the other one and this can be in any situation like the hybrid app, native app, and custom-platform development. In each case, you need to cross-check the animation on the different devices in order to offer an improved and smooth experience to the user. 

Duration of Animation

Animations work great for enticing and engaging with the users, you just need to keep one thing in mind is that the animation you are making is also meant for informing users too. You are not creating a series or cartoon of it, the animation you are creating is a part of a mobile app interface. Therefore, create an animation that provides an improved user experience and not a cluttered one. 

Attention to important elements

For gaining the notice of the users on your app, try to use the right colors, elements, and place everything in the right place to the app or website.if we depend upon the significance of the animation, designers can escalate the depth, speed, intensity, size, or color of the element. 

Cascading Effect

A question must be arising in your mind that what to consider when creating animations for mobile apps? The answer is the cascading effect. For creating animation elements that look like a waterfall, designers can easily add delays to the content. Google’s principle states that a twenty-millisecond difference between the group of elements is acceptable. 

Status Changing Buttons

Buttons on the screen of the app or website are also a visual representation to the users. For keeping the users engaged with the app, you can always make the button large and use bright colors so it easily catches the user’s attention when a certain action is done or made.


Be it answering how to create UI animation, how to make animation on the tool, or using tools. We hope this article will help you in any way to design your mobile app animation for the app or website. If in case you are stuck somewhere or finding it tough to get started with the mobile app animations, we are always there for you to help you in any way. 

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy

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