Top PHP Frameworks Should Use in 2021


When you think about web development apart from HTML and CSS, PHP is the term that comes into the mind first. It is a widely used language by many frameworks. In a survey, it is found that 83% of the websites in the world are created using PHP. after recognizing the kind of programming languages, PHP is consistently improving itself since its establishment in 1994 by Rasmus Leadoff.

PHP is also known as Personal Home Page in the starting but now it is also known as the hypertext preprocessor and the biggest brands like Facebook use it. PHP frameworks are easy to use and they focus to reduce the need to write lengthy codes again and again. 

Therefore, choosing the right PHP framework is very important for fast web development. Web development projects require highly skilled developers and expertise, you should hire a web development company for major projects. 

This article will tell you the top PHP frameworks that will be helpful for you in 2021 to develop a website before that let’s see the top reasons why should you use a PHP framework.  

Top Reasons to Use a PHP Framework

  • It offers input and output filtering functions for enhanced security.
  • It becomes easy to organize codes and files.
  • PHP frameworks required less coding which leads to fast development.
  • Working in a team becomes more comfortable with the PHP frameworks.
  • Developers get cooperation from the PHP community, everyone assists each other in resolving queries and doubts. 

List of Top PHP Frameworks



Laravel is a widely used PHP framework. This framework is an open-source framework that renders great features like MVC architecture support. It has an in-build template engine. This framework fully supports faster web development so if you want to go for laravel solutions for your web development project, hire the best web development company.

Reasons to Choose Laravel

  • Quicker development
  • Supports MVC architecture
  • Abstract layout building



Symfony is a PHP framework and has a set of reusable PHP libraries or elements. This framework provides many amazing features like elaborated documentation, flexibility, community supports, etc. if we use it wisely, this framework is faster than any other PHP framework.

Reasons to Choose Symfony

  • More advanced features
  • Provide massive community support
  • Highly flexible
  • Comes with a unique HTTP and HTTP cache for amazing performance.

YII 2.0


YII 2.0 is the renewed name of a YII PHP framework. If you want to build a big project, then you must say yes to this amazing framework that provides you many incredible features and support all kinds of web apps. This framework is suitable for e-commerce projects. A huge community of developers and experts contributes to improving YII.

Reasons to Choose YII 2.0

  • Easy to use and evolutionary
  • Deliver modern technologies
  • Reduce development time
  • Huge community support



CakePHP is an open-source and free framework with backyard compatibility. This framework delivers many amazing features and helps you if you are looking forward to developing a truly feature-enrich website. Some of the key features of the CakePHP are cross-site scripting, input validation, code generation, fast and flexible templating, etc. the unbeatable features make this framework best for web development.

Reasons to Choose CakePHP

  • Friendly and active community
  • Supports code reusability
  • Incredible performance.



CodeIgniter is a lightweight PHP framework that comes with easy installation features that make this framework ideal for PHP developers. This framework needs a small footprint and it offers exceptional performance even after being such a small package. This framework is faster than other frameworks.

Reasons to Choose CodeIgniter

  • Exceptional performance
  • Offer a full package of libraries.
  • Provide simple and free documentation.


Choosing the right PHP framework for your web development project could be tricky because it all depends on the type and requirements of your projects. So always hire an experienced and highly skilled team of web development that will help not only in suggesting the right framework but also in creating the right web development solution as per your requirement. We hope you find this article informative and help you in any way.

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy

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