App Testing Challenges and its Solutions


There are many people who think that just developing an app is enough but the ground reality is mobile testing is also a part of mobile app development and it is relishing the crown of being the fast-paced industry that is full of amazing innovation of modern times. 

As the app market is booming day-by-day with smartphone users and thus it eventually increases the demand for engaging, well-crafted, and feature-enrich apps. This needs the mobile app testers to develop perfect app testing strategies so mobile app users get the flawless functionalities, intelligence, and frictionless user experience. 

The app testing phase always comes up with few challenges for the app developers. Whether the testing is done automatically or manually, developers need to overcome these challenges using meticulous strategy and smart tactics. In this blog, we will learn how to overcome the testing challenges smartly with no time and hassle-free. 

Testing Challenges and its Solutions

OS fragmentation

With the new launch of mobile devices, the operating system also observes frequent updates which may create complications while using the apps. The meaning of the new updates in the mobile apps is to help the app to grow more compatible with the new changes that are essential for the platform. It is a big challenge for app developers to make the app compatible with every type of mobile device.

Solution: There are some particular practices that help the mobile app development companies to overcome this challenge of OS fragmentation. Here are some points that help you to face this challenge

  • Know your targeted audience and the preferred devices in a particular area. This will automatically narrow down your focus to resolve in less time
  • App developers should support the OS that is trendy, loved by your targeted audience, and easily available. 
  • It is always good for the app testers to identify the issue and use effective emulator so you can test the app for similar OS devices. 

Offline Functioning

The online connectivity of the mobile app relies on the network provider. The performance of various apps revolves around how much your network is strong while making the transition from high to low. They are going to face variation in internet connectivity and this will definitely affect the functioning and performance of the mobile apps. 

Solution: This kind of obstacle should be resolved at the time of the development phase. It is the developers’ responsibility to build a robust app that is resilient to such cases. As per the testing perspective, they should consider identical cases and scenarios where the app is tested for: 

  • Low signal strength
  • Different wi-fi speed
  • Offline performance
  • Offline support capabilities

User Experience

User experience is the crucial part for the app users and it is the heart of both the app development process and app testing phase. Using many features in your app is not the key that pleases the users. The best app is the one that appeals to the users and provides a delightful, seamless, and intuitive user experience. 


  • Check the suitability of all the features.
  • Try to be unique and creative while designing the User interface of the app.
  • Try to ignore the unnecessary extras and contents.

Advanced tools

There are many advanced app testing tools that are available in the market. It often builds confusion as to use for accurate and efficient outcomes. App testers are using free advanced tools that are available in the market today for app testing because sometimes manual testing fails to test complex mobile apps.

Solution: Since app testing is evolving faster than expected, opt for mobile automation testing. Automation testing also improves testing efficiency, takes less time, and reduces errors. There are considerable options are available for mobile app testing that testers can easily use, some of them are

  • Espresso
  • Appium
  • Eggplant
  • Jenkins
  • Selenium
  • Robotium


Nowadays users have many options to chose from before the app satisfies all their requirements and expectations. There is cut-throat competition in the app market and apps are hassling hard to stay in the market. We are sure that every tester must have faced the above-mentioned challenges and the solutions given by us are definitely help the testers to overcome. Therefore every app development company should develop a vast mobile app testing model that helps them to remove the errors and bugs and make the app flawless. 

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy

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