Top Most Promising Android App Development Trends


In the year 2008, the technology world has got a new platform after the iOS that is none other than our most beloved and used android platform. There are approx 3.9 million apps are available on both major platforms iOS and android operating systems. From the starting, you would have witnessed a consistent change in the android app development trends with every passing day and the introduction of new technology. 

To create innovative app solutions, it is necessary to adopt new trends to develop business and survive in this digitized world. Do you have a business idea to create an android app? Do you also want to know how to build an interactive mobile app? Are you amazing why android has an edge over iOS when it comes to apps? Are you planning to win over the market with a futuristic android app? Here are a few trends that android app must follow and you should look forward into 2021

Promising Android App Development Trends

Blockchain technology

This technology has maintained to create quite a buzz in the past few years. This technology hits the headlines a few years back in the mobile app world and it is all set to leverage on the Defi currency system. One of the key ways you can get the most out of this technology is to make it available to more and more people investors.  


Both technologies exist for a long time but both are still popular in the android development trends. AI will render you with more specific and precise data in mobile apps with its capacity to provide real-time events and happenings. On the other hand, machine learning includes integration and tells you about the latest and newly introduced machines, tools, and software with a more human approach. 

Wearable devices & apps

Wearable apps are one of the updated android app development trends in the market. Wearable apps are the apps that are combined into your wearable gadgets like bands and smartwatches. 


We all have in a time must use the chatbot feature either on website or app. If you have ever used apps like hike, Siri, and skype you might be receiving many messages generated by the system on the behalf of separated are called chatbots. The chatbot is the feature that helps your customers with automated answers usually revolving around marketing and customer care.

App security

In the current time, hacking becomes the main reason for the obstacles. Therefore, more and more people are concerned about the security of their data while using mobile apps. Improvements in technology have also raised the requirement to improve our security standards.

Cloud services

Google Drive and cloud services are something that we all use in our day-to-day lives. Both are considered as a part of cloud services. The cloud services allow every user to save a huge amount of data to save the available storage on their device. Cloud-based apps permit you to access the data from anywhere at any time. 

Beacon technology

Since 2013, the beacon has been marking its presence in the market. These technology gadgets act as transmitting devices with Bluetooth and wifi in the beacon area. This technology is highly popular in sports and stores. In the upcoming days, you can easily see this technology in many sectors like financial institutes, airports, and workspaces, etc. 

Final note

The upcoming trends of android app development will add value to the conventional parameters of android app development. This is how they have managed to develop a loyal customer base. The three fundamental concepts will be focused on speed, variation, and fragmentation to develop seamless apps that offer to an accelerating android customer base. 

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy 

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