Android 12 Beta Version Adds Face Gesture Feature

Android 12 Beta Version Adds Face Gesture Feature-byappsinvo

If you are also one of us who love to stay updated regarding the new upcoming and innovative features, this article will definitely make you excited. This time the American big tech giant Google comes up with a new feature in the Android 12 beta version called face gesture. 

This feature of the android 12 will let the users control some functions of their phone using facial expressions like raised eyebrows and smiles. As per the news, the camera switch feature has arrived with the android 12 version in the accessibility suite app released alongside the android 12 fourth beta version. 

The new version of the app is not available on the google play store but still, if you want to try this, there is an APK to sideload. The feature of facial expression can be easily used to control and access ranging from scrolling, going home, or viewing quick settings or notifications.

The screenshots show that users can adjust the sensitivity of the software is when identifying expressions, which should hopefully limit the potential for accidental activations. However, there is also a sign that the specialty can be power-intensive and that phones should ideally be filled in while it is in performance. 

This feature is useful for those who might find the struggle with certain touch controls. Unlike voice commands, face expressions are silent which will make the control easier to use in public or in the silent environment. In the recent releases, android has taken a number of accessibility characteristics which like these facial expression commands are pointed at making the phones more manageable to manage for people with inabilities. 

How to use facial gestures to navigate your android phone

Many facial expressions can trigger actions on your android phone. For example, when you open your mouth, it will bring up the notifications panel or raising your eyebrows to return to the home screen. The image below shows a list of all the facial gestures you can personalize to leverage the different actions. 

Android 12 Beta Version Adds Face Gesture Feature1-byappsinvo.

The functions will allow you to map the aforementioned gestures including accessing notifications, touch & hold, navigate to the home screen, scrolling and etc. in this you can also personalize and adjust the size and duration of the face gesture. When in use, you will see a constant notification icon telling you that the camera of your phone is in use. 

With the new facial gesture, the tool has developed on android 12, it does not appear restricted to the platform. Android accessibility suite on a phone operating android 11 to reach the feature. If you require to try it out, you can do the equivalent. 

Alternatively, you could also anticipate the permanent android 12 announcements or download the android 12 beta. Once you have the new version of the android accessibility suite, you can find the feature under the switch access tools. 

This is a fabulous feature extension that could benefit a lot of people. There are only a few gestures being examined at the moment, but we could absolutely see Google combining more in the future if the request is there. Good stuff for sure.

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy 

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