Top Trends We See in Android App Development in 2022

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When we see in our surroundings every person is using smartphones. In this technological era, we all are totally dependent and indulge in our cool gadgets. But if we notice this carefully we find that people are using the two most popular platforms either Android or iOS. But there is no doubt that android devices and apps are widely used across the world. If we see the figures, there are 3.9 million apps available on the Google play store for over 2.5 billion users across the world. 

There are many easy-to-use android apps that will lead the mobile app industry in the forthcoming years. The increasing popularity of android apps will introduce the latest trends in the android app development space. So do you also want to develop a mobile app for your business? Are you also thinking of winning the market with the android app? Then, this article is for you, it will give you insights into the latest trends you will see in the android app development space in 2022 but before that let’s see the benefits of picking the android app for your business.

Pros of Android App Development

As a part of the digital revolution today, android mobile apps have influenced many businesses and industries. So here is the list of the pros of android app development that you will see if you build an android mobile app

  • Faster deployment
  • High ROI with lower costs
  • Improved security & easy marketing
  • Easy customization
  • Evolving platform
  • Opportunities for innovation
  • Compatibility with different devices

Trends of Android App Development Space in 2022

Instant apps

Instant apps will become common and achieve popularity in the android app development world. These apps are the same as the app clips. These apps typically avert users from installing the app and help them to utilize the app in a forthright and fast way without installing it. This innovation is for users and is widely adopted by various businesses, games, and eCommerce. The outstanding edges of instant apps will allure the users, developers, and businesses to develop unique instant apps.

5G technology

This is one of the most eagerly waited trends of the android app development space. We all are employing 4G technology right now and the market is already sufficed with the gossip of all new 5G technology. As per a report, the subscription of the 5G technology will touch 3 billion users by 2025. This figure clearly shows that 5G technology will be the second most used trend. Using the 5G technology, helps you to design improved, accurate, efficient, and feature-enrich mobile apps that improve business performance.

Apps for foldable devices

We all have seen or used those flip phones in our college days. No, no they are not coming back, but this time foldable devices are different from them. Foldable devices are becoming the new trend for the android app development space. There are various companies that are leveraging the benefits of this trend and so are the developers. So it is your turn to take the fullest benefit of this trend in your android app.

Blockchain technology

This technology has made the buzz and in demand in the past few years. As a result, this technology has evolved more cryptocurrencies and given strength to digital assets worldwide. The mobile app world is all set to leverage the Defi currency system and cryptocurrencies. One of the key methods you can get the most out of this technology is to make it unrestricted to more and more investors.


In the android development trends, both Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies have lived for a long time and are widespread. AI will deliver you more detailed and accurate data in mobile apps with its potential to deliver real-time occasions and experiences. On the other hand, machine learning incorporates integration and suggests to you the latest and newly presented machines, tools, and software with a more human technique.


In a study, it is revealed that 70% of the eCommerce mobile sites are converting into mobile apps. Because users find mobile apps more convenient and easy to use than mobile sites. This is the reason that companies tend to develop eCommerce mobile apps for android users. 

Augmented reality

In the app development world, augmented reality and virtual reality are the constant buzzes for everyone. There is no doubt that this will definitely become a trend in the android app development space. This trend has already started being used in many industries like gaming, real-estate, fashion, healthcare, entertainment, and education. If you want to build a fun app, you should definitely use this trend in your app. 

Wrap Up

In the era of technology, every day is full of new trends, innovations, and new ideas that make our lives easier and more comfortable. Above mentioned android app development trends are just the beginning, there are many more trends that are about to come in the upcoming years. So for more professional assistance, you can contact an android app development company.

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy 

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