What are App Clips and How it Works


We have always heard a phrase in the app world, ‘ there is an app for that ‘ but a few days ago, this phrase has tweaked itself and change into ‘ there is an app for that but you do not need to install it’. Yes, at WWDC 2020, Apple has announced its new iOS, and its some fascinating features that make it more updated from the earlier version. 

This time Apple has introduces new feature ‘App clips’, with this apple has put efforts in the direction of improving the app experience for the users through its new iOS launch. In this article, we are going in little deep about the app clips, how it works, what kind of apps provide app clips. So stay with us to know more about the app clips in the upcoming blogs.

What are App Clips?

All the required app are pre-installed in our iPhones, that you might need it, but there are sometimes when you do not have the app when you need it like a specific parking app when you have to pay for parking, here is the time when App clips come in the role. An App clip is a small portion of the app that is specifically focused on the task and designed as it will appear as soon as you need it, for instance, taking a scooter on rent or ordering for some food. 

The app clip size is quite smaller than the size of the app – under 10 MB. App clip launch within the second from the bottom of your phone screen and fulfill the need that you looking for whether finding the correct app for iPhone or downloading it from the app store, both will take longer than the app clip launch will take. App clips are clips or snippets of an app that is focused to perform a part of the app you required, like the parking payment app. 

How do App Clips Work?

If an app clip is available for the app you are looking for at the moment, you can discover them through NFC tags, App Clips Codes, QR codes scanning, or tapping the NFC tag. App clips can also launch from Maps, Messages, and safari. The app clip card will appear at the bottom of your iPhone display with having the option to open it. The task will complete when you tap on the Open will be displayed next to the open action button that is below the name of the app. 


For instance, you wanted to rent a scooter through Spin, a Spin App clip will appear at the bottom of your iPhone screen when you scan the code ont the scooter with “Tap open to unlock the scooter and ride”. After tapping to open, there is an option to pay with the apple pay and by agreeing on the terms and conditions you can pay for your ride. You do not need to open the full app to complete this small task. There is an option is to see or download the full app if you want to download it. 

Which Apps Can Use App Clips

Whether an app can use the app clips feature or not will depend on the app developers. The features of the upcoming software update of iOS announced before the update arrives and it allows developers to develop or build apps that can take the advantages of the features like App Clips.

At this moment we all are not aware of which apps are suitable for this feature but some of the apps like parking apps, bike, or scooter renting apps can use this feature. As per the WWDC presentation, App clips are easily available for the Etsy, Spin, Park Whiz, Drop Recipes with some other apps.

App Clips Privacy Concerns

After knowing the procedure of using the app clips and how it works, you might have some concerns regarding privacy. But from Apple, it is announced that all the data will be disappeared after a while or if you do not use app clips anymore. So none of the services can access your data like your messages, health data, or media. 


After you can see this is the best opportunity for the developers to give a chance to let their users use their app, this feature allows users to use the app before downloading the full version of it. This feature also helps the user not to install such apps on their phones in they use them very often. 

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy

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