What are the Functional & Non-Functional Requirements with Examples


To get the products you required, it is necessary to first complete a list of its specifications and functionality. It is not enough to describe the idea of what the future system as a complete should do, it is crucial to clearly indicate how its different components should work with each other, how the user’s path should look like, how users achieve their aims, what are the indicators of a proper functioning system are and so on. 

In the end, functional and non-functional requirements should be listed. So before exploring everything in detail let’s get started with the basic needs to be in the loop for your web development process. The requirements of your products cover all aspects of the product itself and its development process. So there are various types of project requirements that will help in gradual emerging depends on the purpose. 

Types of product requirements

Product requirements determine the end result, if they are set incorrectly, the product may be faulty. For this reason, the list of product need is established in the first stage of software solution planning. 

  • Business requirements
  • User requirements
  • Functional requirements
  • Non-functional requirements
  • Implementation requirements

What are Functional Requirements?

A functional requirement is what the whole system or its individual components should be it covers all the functions that the software must perform. The term function means the output needs for a system to properly perform the inputs it produces and behavior. This includes all functionality describing what the system is supposed to do.

Types of functional requirements

  • External interfaces
  • Business rules
  • Administrative functions
  • Data management
  • Audit tracking
  • Legal requirements
  • Adjustments and cancellations
  • Certification requirements

Its examples

  • It is able to record sales in the sales system
  • Integration of software with banking API
  • Revenue data can only be viewed by employees at the manager level.
  • Automatic customer verification

What are Non-functional Requirements?

Non-functional requirements define the attributes of software quality. This also includes a set of standards against which the quality of a particular system is judged such as page load speed. They can be used to impose restrictions or a ban on the system. For instance, the site should be loaded in 3 seconds, the number of users at a time should be 10000.

Types of non-functional requirements

  • Scalability
  • Capacity
  • Data integration
  • Recoverability
  • availability

Its examples

  • The first password cannot be reused.
  • The ability of the system to process a certain number of user requests without functional failure.
  • Every user’s attempt to access the system component must be recorded in the audit trail. 

Comparison table of Functional and Non-functional requirements

Parameters Functional Requirements Non-functional Requirements
Requirement Mandatory  Non-mandatory
Capturing time Captured in use case Captured in quality attribute
End-result  Product feature Product properties
Capturing  Easy  Hard 
Objective Assist to verify the functionality of the software Assist to verify the performance of the software
Area of focus Aim at the user’s requirement Aims on the user’s expectations
Documentation  Describe what the product does Describe how the product works
Product Info Product features Product properties


Functional and non-functional requirements are the most vital to make sure that software solutions developed to operate as we planned and design. Having clear cut requirements as per the demand of the client’s tasks with the capabilities of the developer’s team and in the allocated budget. We at Appsinvo also work with the clients with this step. If you are going to develop a required product with the right development team, we are always there for you. We will give you the properly performed app within the allocated budget.

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy

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