Top Users Frustration on Web & How to Resolve Them


Did you ever realize how small unnoticeable things in the websites’ user interface might be frustrating and irritating for your users? Well, it is right and the most famous author Vitaly Friedman has come up with a whole list of small things that you might have missed in your website’s user interface and they resulted in bad user experiences. Let’s see the list of small things that make the user frustrated

Tiny scrollable panes Tiny click targets
Unexpected content shifts Unexpected page reloads
Country selector dropdown Generic error messages
Input cleared on errors Disabled “NEXT” buttons
Unsupported back button Disabled copy-paste
Not text input fallback in sliders Draconian pass requirements
Retyping complex input Birthday picker
Scrolljacking and parallax Identifying buses/crosswalks


After inspiring by the frustrating points, we mix it with my personal bad user interface experience, I have come up with a list of some top users frustrations and how to resolve them.

Top Reasons for Users Frustration on Web

Why must I sign up for something you say is free?

Many visitors come to a website after getting assurance regarding getting the free content, information, or other goodies. The reason behind the runaway of the users is when they see the sign-up screen for getting the information. Trading the personal details make the deal not free in the eyes of many users. The solution for this is to remove the sign-up screen completely from your website or keep it limited to an optional request for a name and email address. 

Why need to enter the email address twice?

Endless duplication of the same information is the big step that is repeating throughout the ages and no one attempt to fix this and this will let the users frustrated. To solve this issue instead of asking the same thing again and again, let them fill in the information and ask for confirmation before the final submission with the tick box.

Why is there so much text on the page?

Most of the users are aim-oriented so when they find the website and content informative they look for the next step especially on the first page and at that time if they get only text, not the guidance, they got frustrated. To resolve this problem, you can remove and edit all unnecessary things from your website and try to write content in the points where it becomes easy for the user to read and understand what you want to say.

Why having too many icons and too much information?

There are some homepages that are full of links, texts, buttons, and banners that make it really frustrating for the users to find what they are looking for. If the site has too many buttons, links, and icons that users get overwhelmed with having no-choice other than to leave the website right away. To resolve this issue with having prior links, icons, and buttons on the site and prioritize them as per the information requirements. 

Why your website is full of strange words and acronyms?

If you and your team have the knowledge of the technology and generally use the technical language acronyms, it does not mean your visitors and readers will also understand it. Using too many technical terms on your page that are unable to understand by the normal reader can easily annoy them. To resolve this issue try to use the layman language format so every reader can easily understand what you want to say through your words.


One or more of these problems can appear on the websites. It may be that the designer is merely following the conventional designs. But try not the have or repeat the above-mentioned points for your websites that will help you not to annoy your users and let them frustrated. 

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy

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