Who Will Win Between Mean Vs Mern Stack


The competition between Mean and Mern stack is quite close enough as both frameworks include robust features and functionalities. It offers reliable solutions to develop the leading web and mobile app solutions. Now the most common question arises that which one will win the race between mean vs mern race?

Well to find out which one is best among the mean and mern stack, we come up with this article to explain everything. We have made a comparison by taking various factors like benefits, components, and more. There are some factors that will help you to choose the best for your project.

What is MEAN Stack?

MEAN is an open-source and free Javascript software stack for developing and designing leading web and mobile app solutions. The crucial components of the MEAN stack supporting program written in JavaScript. Mean applications can be written in a simple language for the server-side and client-side execution environments.

Components of MEAN Stack

  • NodeJS is the runtime operation the implements javascript on the back-end web app.
  • Angular JS allows running code in the user browser
  • MongoDB is used to gather the data of back-end apps as JSON files
  • ExpressJS is the back-end app that operates on top of NodeJS.

Advantages of Choosing MEAN

  • It is useful especially for small and medium enterprises and startups because of its cost-effective features and makes the use of this stack.
  • Amazing for real-time web apps solutions
  • It easily switches between the server and client.

If you want to develop amazing web and mobile apps so for that you need to hire MEAN developers this will help you get leading and affordable solutions.

What is MERN Stack?

The MERN stack is a JavaScript stack that is created to provide a flawless development process. MERN stack contains four open-source components that are NodeJS, Express, MongoDB, and react. Apart from all this, it will empower the developers to work on the front-end and back-end without any hurdle in the whole process. 

If you want to develop a robust web and mobile app solution, you can hire full-stack MERN developers for it. This will ultimately assist you in designing and building the app as per your business requirements,

Components of MERN Stack

  • ReactJS is a library that assists in building the user interface elements of single pages of web apps.
  • MongoDB is a No-SQL data store.
  • NodeJS is a runtime context proficient in operating JavaScript.
  • ExpressJS is built on top of the NodeJS that take care of the back-end functionality of the websites.

Advantages of Choosing MERN

  • This stack embraces the whole development cycle and utilizing the JS.
  • It supports a model view controller architecture for the simple development process.
  • Wide range of testing tools.
  • It empowers developers to know JSON for development.

The Uniqueness of Both Frameworks

MEAN Stack

MERN Stack

Includes components Angular, Node, Express, and MongoDB Includes components Angular, Node, Express, and MongoDB
JavaScript Framework Open-source JS library
Uses typescript language Uses JavaScript JSX
Component-based app architecture None
Regular DOM Virtual DOM
Bidirectional data flow Unidirectional data flow
The steep learning curve is steep Better documentation

Comparison Table Between MEAN & MERN stack




Performance  Manage files and abstraction in coding Allows fast coding
Architecture  Upgrading and managing Smooth UI rendering
Productivity Better productivity Low productivity
Third-Party Library Offer many ready to use features Need more libraries for supporting similar requests
Support Steep learning curve Provide excellent documentation
Data binding Two and one way Only one way



From the above information, you definitely get the information about the MEAN and MERN stack. The information mentioned above will help you to select the right stack for your app development process.  In order to make the right usage of MEAN and MERN, you can hire developers from the dignified mobile app development to get better results and meet your business goals easily.

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy

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