Which is Suitable for Android App Development – Kotlin OR Java

Which is Suitable for Android App Development - Koltin OR Java-byappsinvo

Which one should opt – Kotlin or Java? This question puts every beginner, intermediate, and expert also in a dilemma. Understand this from a typical day life instance, you enrolled you for two top collage of your city, and now the time when you have to select one from both of them, now what would you do? Here you jotted down the pros and cons of both the collages, look forward to your future, demand, and result. 

On these parameters, you will decide which college would be an excellent choice for you. The same process also implements when you opt for a framework for android app development. Before determining which framework you should choose for your android app development, you need to analyze both in detail and find out which one will be suitable for your project. So let’s analyze both programming languages and find out which one is the best and appropriate. 

What is Kotlin?

It is a framework that is statistically designed and type to run on the java virtual machine. The best part of the kotlin framework is it can also be compiled with the JavaScript source code or make use of LLM compiler infrastructure. The framework is modern, new, and has support from Google. 

Pros of Kotlin

  • It has lots of attention from the Android community and the plus point is that kotlin can also be used in the backend development.
  • As compared to Java, Koltin is more concise and has fewer chances of bugs.
  • Kotlin renders privilege to the developers to use the Anko library. There are more than 2000 kotlin projects on Github.
  • One of the best benefits of Kotlin is if your app is already live and you want to switch from java to kotlin, no need to bother the process is easy, simple, and short. 
  • By using the smart extensions functions, developers can build clean Kotlin APIs.
  • This is another pro of the kotlin is it works perfectly with the Java. 
  • Kotlin already contains the null system in it. Android basically uses null to represent the absence of the value and it is a common issue in the apps that are developed by Java. kotlin makes it easy for the developers by pulling it directly to the system.

Cons of Kotlin

  • The auto-compete and compilation of the android studio operates very slow as compared with the apps developed.
  • As compared to the java, the compilation of kotlin is extremely slow.
  • The learning time of the kotlin is more because of its new and challenging nature.
  • The developer community of kotlin is rarely small because very few kotlin developers are available. 

What is Java?

Java is a well established, reliable, experienced, and open-source programming language that has a big community of developers. As time passes, java is also growing, becoming popular, and makes a lot easier for the developers to solve issues related to app development. With time, java has created a vast market for itself, Java is the second-highest active programming language on the Github. 

Pros of Java

  • The learning curve is easy and short. 
  • With Java, the android app development process becomes faster than Kotlin.
  • Java is an open-source programming language because of the adoption of the JVM for Android.
  • As compared to the other, the app developed with java is highly compact. 

Cons of Java

  • Java requires high memory storage and operates slowly as compared to the other programming languages. 
  • Java requires more coding which makes more errors and bugs. 
  • Java is not so modern so it has limitations and it creates some issues. 

The Conclusion

From the above, we have learned all the ups and downs of both programming language for the android app and it seems like it is very difficult to find which one should opt. The conclusion is like if you are one newbie for the android app development and take baby steps Java is best for you. And if you are an expert and no page left to learn, Kotlin is the best programing language for you. The client’s project and requirements are crucial before finalizing the programming language for the app. 

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy

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