Why Your iOS App Being Rejected by App Store

Why Your iOS App Being Rejected by App Store-byappsinvo

Get a place for your app in an overcrowded app store is not so easy in the digital era. There is no doubt that you have used the best of the best features in your app, it also goes through the testing process and followed every possible guidelines and standard but this is not the only thing that makes sure your app will not get rejected. There are plenty of mistakes that you and others make and these mistakes will make it difficult for your app to stand out. 

And when it is about Apple, it becomes more difficult to get approval for your app with its stringent guidelines. After following the whole process of app designing, development, marketing, and uploading, it is more heartbreaking when your app gets rejected. So where did you make a mistake? Here we have penned down some reasons apart from development and designing that may lead to the rejection of your iOS app from the Apple app store.

Reasons for iOS App Rejection by App Store

Breaching Guidelines

If you or your app breach any guidelines of the Apple app store, your app will lead to rejection. To follow the guidelines you need focus earlier or during the app development because checking for the guidelines at the end could be tedious and time taking process. You can not waste your time making massive alterations as per the guidelines and if you make changes later the development it will affect the design, development, and the entire charm of your app. So read the guideline of the app store before you start development.

Slow and Performance Issues

In the fast-paced world, none of the iOS users prefer to use a very slow and performance flaws, these kind of apps are bad for engaging to the users. The app store team makes sure the app should be easy to use, fast, easy to download, and whether users are facing any obstacle while using the app or not. We know looks matter, but users will not wait till the graphics part shows to them. This kind of apps being rejected by the app store.

Paucity of Testing

If your only aim to launch your app on the app store, sorry to say it is not possible with having any single malfunction or have any functionality defect, the app store will directly reject your app promptly without giving a second thought. Even a small defect can lead to rejection, so the iOS app development company should focus on the testing and do not take a small error for granted.  

Not use your own payment system

If your app has in-app purchases or deploys a paid app to unlock the pro version of the app or some interesting features, the app should use the apple purchasing system. It will be illegal and if you use your personal payment system, the app will be rejected right away from the app store. So it is essential to follow the rule for maintaining secured financial transactions through Apple.

Improper App Description

The app description is one of the most important aspects of the app and it also becomes a reason for your app rejection. If the app description is not relevant to the app and does not describe the app features, the app reviewer will reject the app. Therefore, make sure the app description is clear and crisp, there should be no fake promises, no grammatical error, and the app should be described briefly. 

Copyright Issues

This is also one of the essential aspects to take care of meanwhile the iOS app development about copyright issues. Duplicate app or duplicating any app may cause the copyright issue and the authentic app may lose the trust and credibility of the users due to these identical fake apps. So try not you will not face any copyright issue. 


These are the reasons for your app being rejected by the app store. Apart from all these, there are many other reasons also to reject your app. As an experienced and leading top mobile app development company in Noida, Appsinvo can guide you in terms of guidelines to support your app with the testing and quality assurance and increase the chance of brand value.

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy 

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