YouTube Announces 5 Features for Premium Subscribers

YouTube announces five features for Premium subscribers
YouTube announces five features for Premium subscribers

Enables subscribers to access additional features such as ad-free viewing and background play. The Google-owned company is now adding new features, some of which are available for immediate use. It also revealed that YouTube now has 80 million subscribers.

The queueing feature allows users to control what they see by allowing them to choose which video to play next. It was previously only available on the web, but it is now also available on phones and tablets running Android.

YouTube is expanding the ability to resume watching YouTube videos where users left off, even when switching between devices, on Android, iOS, and the Web. So, if you were watching a video on your phone in the morning, you can continue watching it on your tablet at night from where you left off.

YouTube announces five features for Premium subscribers

YouTube, one of the largest worldwide video streaming platforms, has introduced five new features for Premium subscribers.

I.) Queue on YouTube

The much-anticipated feature allows the user to choose what they want to see next while watching a video. The feature was previously only available to web users, but it is now available to Android and iOS users as well.

II.) Improved Video Quality for iOS Users

YouTube has announced that in the near future, it will introduce a high bitrate of 1080p HD video quality for iOS users in order to improve video quality for Premium members.

III.) Viewing on Multiple Devices

In an interesting and entertaining update, the platform stated that it would be expanding the ability to continue watching videos on all Android, iOS, and Web devices at the same point where users left the video.

IV.)  With a friend, watch YouTube

According to a YouTube announcement, premium users will soon be able to conduct Google Meet sessions where all viewers, paid or not, will be able to watch videos simultaneously.

 V.)  YouTube Offline Watch

Premium members will be able to watch videos offline thanks to the platform’s Smart Downloads feature, which will automatically download recommended videos from the Library while users are connected to Wi-Fi.

Given Below are Some Adaptive Features of YouTube:-

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