Advantage and Difference between Cloud App & Web App


Do you want to transform your business into digital? But you are confused between the cloud app and web app. You want to turn your idea into reality but don’t know which one should prefer? Many people have confronted the exact thing, let’s find the answers to these questions through this blog. There are many confusions about the cloud and web apps between the people because of their neck-to-neck popularity. Both are identical in terms of usage but they are quite different from a technical point of view. To clear you this thing let take a close look at the topic and on the blog.

What is Cloud App

A cloud app is a place where local and cloud-based components work together at the same place. The working model relies on the remote server for the processing logic that can be accessed through a web browser. The servers of cloud applications depend on the remote data center that is operated by third-party cloud services.

Its Benefits

The main of the cloud apps is to deliver the chance to work effectively, let’s see what other advantages of the cloud apps

  • Minimal service provider interaction and management required.
  • Deliver broad computing potential, online & offline.
  • It serves many consumers with having different virtual and physical needs. 
  • Provides transparency to the customers

What is Web App

A web app required web technology and a web browser to perform the tasks over the internet. However, the web app is used to or work on a web browser it must require the internet connection to stay operating. The common instances of web apps are online e-commerce, online banking, social media apps & e-ticketing. 

Its Benefits

There are many benefits of using web apps, let’s see those benefits 

  • Accessible from anywhere through any web browser.
  • Able to run on several platforms that make it cross-platform compatible.
  • It required less maintenance and support 
  • If the browser is compatible, you can easily use the web apps.
  • Update and maintain web apps without the need to reinstall it. 

Difference Between Cloud & Web App

There are a few features that help in identifying the difference between cloud apps and web apps. Let see them into more detail

  • One of the biggest differences between the cloud and the web app is its structure. Both need internet access to operate themselves but web app is unable to operate when there is no web browser on the other hand cloud apps do not require anything like web browser you can access cloud app from anywhere, in fact, cloud app can perform its tasks from any local workstation.
  • Web apps don’t have the potential to support the changing requirement of the user due to not having the ability of multi-tenancy but the cloud apps can support the changing demands and needs of the users. 
  • Having the feature of customization, the functionality of the cloud apps enhanced but the web apps are unable to provide the same customized option or functionality.
  • Web apps work on whatever stored on a remote server and delivered to the receiver through a browser interface but the cloud app supported by an innovative back-end that grants security, uptime, and integration, and it also implements various access ways and supports scalability. 

Which one You Should Consider?

The world of app development is transforming at a very fast pace because users have many touchpoints and their frequencies are expanding day by day. Nowadays, the new technologies are coming in smartphones and this also brings a new age for app development as there will be a multi-dimensional experience. 

There is no doubt, web browsers are the most popular touchpoints and still serving to the consumers. This trend will infiltrate our lifestyle with its impressive and voice-driven devices so the ways of communication or interaction grow and therefore it will also increase the need for web apps. 

The Web apps work flawlessly and help in boosting UX & transform your prospects into the leads. Also, give higher customer reach that helps profitability. As we are entering into the digital era, the app should be able to support multiple activities. Due to COVID-19, cloud computing changes the way of how people relate to technology and information and it is proving to be an effective way of deploying and supporting management services. 

Therefore, Cloud apps are expanding corporate efforts by adding more value to businesses. Enterprises can work towards achieving their goals due to their internal and external resources. 


Every app developer and service provider should need to control the benefits of several technologies to add it to the customers’ requirements. But as we know these are many new technologies that are coming every day or every week that makes this domain to become overflow with the trends and technology. In this digital world, one thing is sure that the new technology demands mobile apps that are responsive, cost-effective, and agile. It will be normal when customized build and multi-tenancy apps that offer other access methods.

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy 

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