Top Databases for React Native App Development in 2021


There are many technologies that are emerging as the days are passing and it is still going on. React native also emerges itself as a major preference of establishments and there are many businesses and startups that are seeking a way for entering into the app domain in a cost-effective way. As per a survey, it is found that react native is the most popular cross-platform amongst the mobile frameworks utilized by the developer survey.

A react native developer is under a lot of stress for providing a high-performing, top-notch, and offline app that can be scaled anytime. Therefore, sometimes it is hard for the app developers to choose the right technology stack that helps in implementing the right database to react native app development. 

Therefore in this article, we have compiled a small list of the top databases for the react native app development in 2021 that might match your requirements like scaling your app as per the user base. Let’s see the top databases of the react native app development.

Top Databases for React Native App Development



The realm is an open-source and object-oriented database that operates ten times quicker than that of the relational database. This database supports complicated data types for offline and real-time apps. It does not require any key-value stores or object-related mapping and it has its own search engine. 

The objects preserved in the Realm database are permitted for using the various threads or sources. Although the realm is open-source still it is advanced version will cost you $1750 per month. It has some benefits of it 

  • It has a comprehensive feature set of APIs.
  • It is an offline database with redux offline.
  • It is offline-friendly with redux offline. 



Firebase is a Google-owned database having NoSQL. If your app is more into offline data synchronization and updating. Firebase will suit you in the best way. Firebase can easily manage to react native apps that have high data requirements. This firebase features performance tracking tools that will help you in finding errors in your app. Let’s see the benefits of the firebase

  • It assists in synchronizing the data throughout various platforms.
  • Easily blend it with the firebase with any app.
  • It has the potential to address users’ roles that help you fix controls on file.



This database was initially build to provide the capacity of creating the local storage databases for mobile app solutions. In the name, ‘Lite’ means the lightweight database which requires a minimal setup. SQLite helps in implementing maximum SQL policies with some extra tools that assist you in managing the data hassle-free.

  • It allows you to collect data in the cross-platform database file. 
  • It enables offline persistence in an app using its storage.



PouchDB is an open-source javascript database. It saves data in the JSON format and allows all CRUD functions (Create, Read, update, delete) to be muted and queried using the simple JS API. this database helps in easily securing data for the react native app. This database has an in-built validation system for the react native and delivers features like password saving and etc. 

  • Aids in syncing data with server support.
  • Easily replicated data
  • Supports both online and offline capacities.

Async Storage


Async storage is also a local storage framework that allows the developers to collect the data locally and retrieve it when required. This database features react-native in-built therefore you can use it without anymore deployment.

  • It is accessible when you required it.
  • It is in-build with react native.

Final Words

When you are looking for the best database to react native app development, you should make a list of your requirement. It becomes easy for you to find your ideal database to react native app development because the success of the app basically depends on the database that you select for your app. 

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy

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