Flutter- A New App Development Trend in 2020

Flutter- A New App Development Trend in 2020-byappsinvo

Mobile spp technology is growing every single day that brings the biggest revolution in the IT industry. In the world of technology, there is a cut-throat competition in the market and many business applications fail sadly there are many reasons behind the failure of the app. A good mobile app can boost your business growth and revenue and reach your business at new heights. In today’s blog, we will discuss a new trend from the world of mobile app development in 2020 and that is FLUTTER. Despite releasing in 2017, Flutter is still a newcomer in the world of cross-platform app development.  But its robust features and other amazing benefits for the developers help it not only to succeed but also to become alls’ the most preferred in the development world. So let’s take a quick tour of what is flutter and how it become the trend in 2020. 

What is Flutter

Flutter is an open-source platform that uses a single code database for the app development for iOS and android platform and it is introduced by Google. It is a complete SDK (software development kit) that helps to acquire the app development across the platforms. A reactive development architecture is followed by the flutter where the user interface content can be adjusted automatically when we modify the variables. Flutter is an object-oriented platform, where no requirement for the extra bridges for compiling the native code. This can help to speed up the starting time of the app.  

Characteristics of Flutter

The characteristics of the flutter make it different from the others. Here are characteristics of the flutter

  • Flutter allows developers to build apps for the main platforms
  • The feature of hot reload in flutter helps to get many widgets and allows you to implement it in a dynamic interface.
  • High flexibility
  • The feature of the Doctor helps the developer to find the bug and shoot it as soon as possible.
  • The RAM code helps to make the app perfect.

Reasons behind become New Trend

Do you want to know the reasons behind the popularity of the Flutter? So let’s see the major reasons that make the flutter trendy in 2020

Customized Designs

The widgets that are already a part of the flutter help you to make your design and building procedures more impressive and innovative. Therefore the developers are able to build a robust and flawless app without putting many endeavors. 

Single Codebase

Flutter is a cross-platform development tool that allows developers to build apps for the mobile, desktop, and web while using a single codebase. This technology is for supporting both the platforms Android and iOS.

Minimum Testing

The required testing time for the flutter is less as compared to the other framework because of it one characteristic that is already featured above. The single codebase and the minimum testing both characteristic are interconnected because when you have a single codebase so it takes less time to find any bug and shoot it out and it indirectly lessens the marketing time.

Identical to React native

Flutter application is also written in dart language that helps to lessen the javascript bridge and complied with the native machine code. This allows launching and compiling app quicker than you could do it with react native for instance. 

Transparent Documenttion

The transparent and clear documentation quality of the flutter makes it the most suitable and preferred among the extensive range of cross-platform development. Flutter is smart and elegant in itself and the flutter developer doesn’t need to put effort to learn. 


In the world of cross-platform app development, Flutter comes like a game-changer for the IT industry. The exciting features of the flutter make it more competitive for the other platforms to stay more competitive among all the mobile app development tools. For both onshore and offshore, flutter is becoming popular among the developers. The reason why flutter is becoming popular for app development because it is easy to use and less tough as compared to the react-native. The flutter app development is on the constant rise on the App and the Play store. 

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy 

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