Android App Development Trends in 2021


There is no wonder and doubt that android is one of the most popular and demanded operating system in mobile apps with a share of 85% and over 3.04 million apps in the Google play store, including the basic apps like calendars, web browsers, social media apps, business apps or games.

The android operating system gaining all the attention when it comes to developing mobile apps. There are many android apps that are easy to use and will lead the mobile app industry in the upcoming years. This increasing popularity and delivery of goods and services call for the android app development to introduce the latest trends, technologies, and tools.

Adopting the android app has witnessed breakthroughs mainly supported through improve the user experience. You must follow the latest trends and technologies to stay ahead in the crowd of the mobile app industry.

Trends of the Android App Development

Let’s dive into the recent android app development trends that will evolve your business models in 2021

Android Instant Apps

In the android app development domain, instant apps are common still they are gaining popularity. These apps allow the users to try apps and games without actually installing them on your device same as the app clips. These apps prevent the users from installing the app and assist them to use the app in s straight and fast manner without downloading it. 

This innovation is useful for users, businesses, games, and eCommerce. After experiencing the outstanding benefits of instant apps enticing the users, developers, and businesses to develop instant apps.

Flutter Development

Google always comes up with something innovative and unique, and it also introduced a new technology called flutter also known as the future of android app development. This technology allows app development using a native interface for platforms like iOS and Android. Many developers choose this platform as a tool for developing mobile apps due to its blend-ability and flexibility. There are some reasons why users choose the flutter

  • It is easy to learn
  • Native design
  • MVP development

There are many apps like Alibaba, google ads are developed using the flutter. Each of the apps has perfect features and a fantastic interface. 

5G technology

We all are using the 4G right now and the market is already filled with the buzz of 5G technology. With the high velocity and frequency of 100GBPS, 5G technology leads the data transmission with the 1.4 billion mobile services worldwide. Using the 5G technology, helps you to design an improved and feature-enrich app that improves business performance.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

It is a tech that renders a smart move for the app publishers to boost the search visibility of their mobile apps. Accelerated mobile pages improve search engine optimization and assist businesses to make the app more visible to the users. The two primary factors that can influence the ranking of the website is its speed and performance. The other tool that plays an important role in improving the rankings is Google AMP.


EMM stands for enterprise mobile management and APM stands for application performance management are enterprise elements for mobile app development. Both technologies are used to prevent mobile apps like speed. The rise of android app development has also increased app testing. It will ensure the app’s security and safety that enables the employees with a production process.

Bottom Line

In the world of technology, every day is full of inventions, advancements, trends, and ideas that make human life easier. The above-mentioned android app development trends are just a glimpse of this domain there are many more trends to come. The technology is moving at a very unpredictable speed to offers a seamless experience and fulfills the users’ demands.

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy

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